CLAT 2012 Solved Paper (Part 18 of 27)

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Instructions: Select the statement which logically follows the two given statements.

  1. Statements:

    1. No athletes are vegetarians.

    2. All players are athletes.

    Therefore which is correct

    1. no players are vegetarians

    2. all players are vegetarian

    3. some players are vegetarian

    4. all vegetarians are players

    Answer: a

  2. Statements:

    1. All persons who have done any creative work can be responsible critics

    2. Z has not done any creative work

    Therefore which is correct

    1. Z can be a responsible critic

    2. Z cannot be a responsible critic

    3. Z can become a responsible critic

    4. Z cannot become a responsible critic

    Answer: b

  3. Statement: One who has squared a circle is not a mathematician. Therefore which is correct

    1. No one who has squared a circle is a mathematician

    2. All non-mathematicians have squared a circle

    3. Some mathematicians have squared a circle

    4. All mathematicians square a circle

    Answer: a

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