CLAT 2012 Solved Paper (Part 4 of 27)

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Instructions: Select the correct meaning of the italicized idioms and phrases out of the four choices given.

  1. He burnt his fingers by interfering in his neighbor՚s affair.
    1. got himself into trouble
    2. burnt himself
    3. got himself insulted
    4. got rebuked

    Answer: a

  2. Mr. Gupta, who is one of the trustees of a big charity, is suspected of feathering his own nest.
    1. being lazy in doing his work
    2. being too generous
    3. neglecting his job
    4. making money unfairly

    Answer: d

  3. Mrs. Hashmi has been in the blues for the last several weeks.
    1. abroad
    2. unwell
    3. depressed
    4. penniless

    Answer: c

  4. For the first week, the apprentice felt like a fish out of water.
    1. frustrated
    2. homeless
    3. disappointed
    4. uncomfortable

    Answer: d

  5. His friends failed to see why he should ride the high horse just because he had won an election.
    1. become abnormal
    2. appear arrogant
    3. indulge in dreams
    4. hate others

    Answer: b

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