CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) 2018 MCQs Questions Answer Without Solution Paper Part 15

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Question 132

The National Social Security Board functioning under the Ministry of Labour and Employment is meant for recommending formulation of social security schemes for ________.

A. Industrial workers

B. Women and Children

C. Government employees

D. Unorganised workers

Question 133

The scarcity definition of economics is credited to

A. Alfred Marshall

B. Lionel Robbins

C. Adam Smith

D. Dennis Robertson

Question 134

Name the digital payment app introduced by Google in 2017 for India.


B. Tez

C. Citrus Pay

D. MobiKwik

Question 135

Which of the following countries runs bullet trains with the highest operational speed?

A. China

B. Germany

C. South Korea


Question 136

Who became the Chief Justice of the Federal Court of India on 14 August 1947?

A. Maurice Gwyer

B. Patanjali Shastri

C. H. J. Kania

D. Srinivas Varadachariar

Question 137

In which country outside India has the Energy Efficiency Services Limited, under the Ministry of Power, Government of India, launched the UJALA scheme in 2017?

A. Malaysia

B. Srilanka

C. Indonesia

D. Maldives

Question 138

Which is the organisation that initiates and presents the National Film Awards in India?

A. Film and Television Institute of India

B. Central Board of Film Certification

C. Directorate of Film Festivals

D. Prasar Bharati

Question 139

In 2017, eBay India was merged with which of the following Companies?

A. Flipkart

B. Alibaba

C. Naaptol

D. Snapdeal

Question 140

The world՚s first fully Solar-powered Airport is

A. Cochin International Airport

B. Shanghai Pudong International Airport

C. Dubai International Airport

D. Singapore Changi Airport

Question 141

The winner of the Jnanpith Award 2017 is

A. G. Sankara Kurup

B. Shankha Ghosh

C. Raghuvir Chaudhari

D. Krishna Sobti

Question 142

What do the paintings of Ajanta caves primarily depict?

A. Ramayana

B. Panchatantra

C. Jataka tales

D. Mahabharata