CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) 2018 MCQs Questions Answer Without Solution Paper Part 9

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Question 68

Who stands to the left of Anirudh?

A. Sapna

B. Gaurav

C. Mansi

D. Vishal

Question 69

Find the equivalent for ‘?’

Sphygmomanometer: Blood Pressure:: Pyrometer: ?

A. Temperature

B. Blood Flow

C. Urine Flow

D. Atmospheric Pressure

Question 70

From morning 11 O՚clock to Evening 7 O՚clock, how many times the hour hand and minutes hand will overlap each other?

A. 9

B. 8

C. 7

D. 6

Question 71

Find the odd one out

A. Police station

B. Railway station

C. Supermarket

D. Airport

Question 72

Direction: Read the following carefully and answer the question given below

Although women now constitute 30 percent of the global industrial force, legal hurdles and traditional barriers still hinder the vast majority of women in their efforts to achieve parity with men.

The paragraph best supports the statement

A. The Author claims that Feminism rules.

B. Equality of men and women is still a myth.

C. Women should surpass men in all the fields.

D. The Author claims that women have to take more efforts.

Question 73

If TEACHER is coded as CAHEETR and STUDENT is coded as DUETNST, then what is the code for SUCCESS?





Direction: Read the following and answer the Question.

Chetan invited five of his friends, namely Ritwik, Avantika, Darshan, Parul and Shweta to his birthday party. Each of the five friends gifted Chetan a different article – a jacket, a watch, a shirt, a video game and a headphone. As a return gift, Chetan gifted each of them a different article – goggles, a bag, a pen, a mobile case and a diary. The following is additional information about the gifts given by the friends and the return gifts they received.

i. Avantika gifted the shirt but did not receive a bag in return.

ii. Shweta did not gift the headphone but received the mobile case in return.

iii. Neither Ritwik nor Darshan gifted the jacket but the person who did gift it, received the goggles in return.

iv. The person who gifted the video game received a diary or a bag.

v. Darshan did not gift a watch but received a pen in return.

vi. Neither Shweta gifted a video game nor did Ritwik received a diary in return.

Question 74

Who gifted the watch?

A. Shweta

B. Darshan

C. Ritwik

D. Parul

Question 75

Who received goggles as a return gift?

A. Avantika

B. Ritwik

C. Parul

D. Darshan

Question 76

Direction: Read the following and answer the Question.

Which among the following combination is correct?

A. Avantika – Bag

B. Ritwik – Video Game

C. Ritwik – Diary

D. Parul – Watch

Question 77

Who gifted the headphones?

A. Shweta

B. Ritwik

C. Darshan

D. Parul

Question 78

Which among the following combination is correct?

A. Avantika – Diary

B. Headphones – Diary

C. Ritwik – Goggles

D. Watch – Bag

Question 79

The one who received the bag in return, gifted which among the following items?

A. Watch

B. Video Game

C. Headphones

D. Jackets