CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) 2019 MCQs Questions Answer with Solution Paper Part 12

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Question 84

A tree grows at the rate of of its height annually. By how much height will it grow after 2 years, if its present height is 75 cm?

A. 108 cm

B. 90 cm

C. 144 cm

D. 112 cm

Question 85

A train 600 meters long is running at a speed of 90 km/hr. If it crosses a tunnel in one minute, then the length of the tunnel is:

A. 500 meters

B. 550 meters

C. 600 meters

D. 900 meters

Question 86

A book seller sold a box of 10 pencils for ₹ 80 and incurred a loss. Had he sold it for ₹ 98, his gain would have been twice the loss he incurred earlier. The cost price of the box of pencils is:

A. ₹ 84

B. ₹ 86

C. ₹ 88

D. ₹ 90

Question 87

In a 100 meters race, A beats B by 20 meters B beats C by 5 meters. In the same race, A beats C by:

A. 26 meters

B. 25 meters

C. 24 meters

D. 22 meters

Question 88

Beena got married 8 years ago. Today, her age is times her age at the time of marriage. If her daughter՚s age is times her age, then her daughter՚s age is:

A. 3 years

B. 4 years

C. 5 years

D. 2 years

Question 89

A clock gains 2 minutes every hour. Then the angle traversed by the second hand in one minute is:





Question 90

80 % of students of a class took Statistics and 45 % took Mathematics. If each student took Statistics or Mathematics and 40 took both, the total number of students in the class was:

A. 160

B. 180

C. 200

D. 225

Question 91

Kiran՚s brother is 5 years older to her. Her father was 30 years old when Kiran՚s sister was born, while her mother was 28 years old when Kiran was born. If Kiran՚s sister was 2 years old when her brother was born, what was the age of their father when Kiran՚s brother was born?

A. 32

B. 34

C. 37

D. 30

Question 92

If Second Saturday and Sunday of every month is a holiday, then the total number of working days in a month of 31 days beginning with a Wednesday will be

A. 23

B. 24

C. 25

D. 26

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