CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) 2019 MCQs Questions Answer with Solution Paper Part 14

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GK & Current Affairs

Question 101

The Chief Central Information Commissioner at present is:

A. Sudhir Bhargava

B. R. K. Mathur

C. Sridhar Acharyulu

D. Handu

Question 102

India has recently set up the latest Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Satellite Tracking and Data Reception Centre in:

A. Maldives

B. Sri Lanka

C. Bhutan

D. Nepal

Question 103

The number of complaints with the Banking Ombudsman registered during 2018 increased by:

A. 10 %

B. 15 %

C. 20 %

D. 25 %

Question 104

Which of the following formally quit from UNESCO recently?

A. U. S. A

B. China

C. Sweden

D. India

Question 105

The maximum punishment for a cyber-stalker imposed by an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan is:

A. 5 years

B. 14 years

C. 10 years

D. 24 years

Question 106

In a major relief to micro, small and medium enterprises, the GST Council has recently increased the tax exemption limit per annum to:

A. 20 lakhs

B. 30 lakhs

C. 40 lakhs

D. 60 lakhs

Question 107

Which of the following fruits got the Geographical Indication during October 2018?

A. Shahi Litchi

B. Laxman Bhog Mango

C. Sirumalai Hill Banana

D. Mahabaleshwar Strawberry

Question 108

The richest person in the world as per the details revealed in March 2019 is:

A. Bill Gates

B. Jeff Bezos

C. Amancio Ortega

D. Bernard Arnault

Question 109

The number of EB 5 visa applications, also known as cash for Green Card ‘visa to the U. S’ has increased in the last two years by about:

A. 100 %

B. 200 %

C. 300 %

D. 400 %

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