CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) 2020 MCQs Questions Paper Part 17

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Direction: Study the following information and answer the questions that follow:

Tension prevailed in the Jawahar area in Palghar district after three Mumbai residents, travelling in a Ford Ecosport to Silvassa, were allegedly lynched late on Thursday night. The Kasa police said the incident occurred near Gadakchinchale village under their jurisdiction. Information received by us indicates that the three occupants of the SUV hailed from Kandivali in Mumbai and were going to attend a funeral in Silvassa, Superintendent of Police Gaurav Singh, Palghar police said. A large mob of villagers surrounded the car within a matter of minutes and started attacking it with sticks, irons rods and their bare hands, leading to the death of all three occupants. One of our patrolling vehicles later spotted the severely injured trio lying on the road and stopped to find out the matter. However, our team was also attacked by the mob and the vehicle pelted with stones. Our personnel had to flee and were unable to rescue to the victims, an officer with the Kasa police said. A wireless alert was sent out later apprising all police stations and units of the incident following which reinforcements were sent to the village and a combing operation was undertaken. Prima facie information indicates that the trio was mistaken for thieves and attacked. The villagers were on edge due to the ongoing lockdown and unavailability of essential supplies. For the past few days, several rumours have been doing the rounds on social media about thieves and dacoits targetting villages on the highway. As a result, villagers have been patrolling the highway and stopping late-night travellers on suspicion, the officer said.

Source: Excerpt from The Hindu, written by Alok Deshpande (22 ⁄ 04 ⁄ 2020)

Question 86

Which of the following statements given below justifies criminalization of Mob Lynching?

A. In a democracy the actual power rests with the people and their actions cannot be penalized by the state.

B. There is no law in India which specifically prohibits mob lynching and therefore it is a justified act of the people.

C. It is impossible to punish the wrongdoer in case of Mob Lynching.

D. Violence cannot be a tool to implement the will of the majority and such actions are failure of the state.

Question 87

Which of the following statement justifies the criminalization of mob lynching as a distinct offence apart from Murder?

A. The offence of Murder is committed by a single individual or a group but mob lynching involves a large group of individuals.

B. When violence is committed by a mob it creates a situation of terror and anarchy having potential to disturb the public peace for a longer period.

C. Mob lynching is an offence which supports the idea of might is right, and cannot be accepted in a democratic society.

D. All of the above.

Question 88

The above passage states about the existence of rumours in the area regarding the thieves and dacoits robbing the villagers or committing child lifting. In the light of this proposition which if the following statement is correct?

A. The villagers should not be punished as there was a genuine mistake on their part.

B. The villagers should be punished as they do not have any right to punish any person unless he is an offender.

C. The villagers should be punished as no individual in the country is entitled to take law in his own hand and punish the wrongdoer.

D. The villagers should not be punished as they have the right of private defence against such incidents under which they can even kill a person.

Question 89

In the light of the above passage which of the following incidents of mob violence would be justified?

A. A group of people committing violence against people who are selling meat of an animal considered to be sacred under their religious beliefs.

B. The residents of a boy՚s hostel caught a drug paddler selling drugs in their hostel and killed him by beating.

C. The villagers injured a woman by pelting stone on her considering her to be witch.

D. None of the above.

Question 90

Assertion A: Mob Lynching can be justified only in circumstances where the religious sentiments or feelings of a large group of people is associated.

Reason R: Religious sentiments and feelings are of paramount consideration for the state and should not be interfered with.

A. Both A, and R are correct

B. A is correct but R is incorrect

C. Both A, and R are incorrect

D. A, is incorrect but R is correct.