CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) 2020 MCQs Questions Paper Part 21

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Logical Reasoning

Direction: Some readers wondered whether my reading of the crisis in the news media is about journalism or about the news industry. Though the fortunes of the news industry have a bearing on journalism, there is, indeed, a difference between looking at issues that govern journalism and the factors that contribute to the financial stress of the media industry. Over the last few years, I have been discussing the impact of digitalization on journalism. The pandemic has accelerated the process of digital transformation of the news media. Therefore, these issues need close scrutiny. One of the defining elements of analog journalism was the way two crucial functions of journalism bearing witness and making sense complemented each other and helped people make informed choices. When I talk about the strength of analog, I am neither romanticizing the past nor am I a Luddite. Most importantly, I do not believe in nostalgia. Many scholars have established how rose-colored glasses always leads to an unfair distortion looking back on the best of the past while comparing it to the worst of the present. Hence, when I talk about the digital information news environment, I am talking about how there needs to be a conducive atmosphere for credible information to resonate with the people. Literature on misinformation, disinformation and misinformation reveals a new distinction in the minds of the citizens. Editors and journalists have to contend with a new breed of sceptics. These are the people who trust social media forwards more than evidence-based, data-driven journalism. Their confirmation bias flows from encrypted social media platforms that are full of conspiracy theories.

[Excerpt from an Article by A. S. Panneerselvan, The Hindu, dated August 10,2020]

Question 106

Which of the following conveys the main idea expressed in the passage?

A. Those who subscribe to newspapers are sceptics.

B. Those who subscribe to newspapers and news channels often contribute in distortion of the truth.

C. Social media journalism distorts the truth.

D. All of the above.

Question 107

In this line, Hence, when I talk about the digital information news environment, I am talking about how there needs to be a conducive atmosphere for credible information to resonate with the people the Author assumes that:

A. The Digital news is neither evidence based nor data driven.

B. The Digital journalism does not help people in making informed choices.

C. Both A and B

D. The impact of Digital journalism has created an informed platform of journalism.

Question 108

Which of the following strengthens the Author՚s argument?

A. Conspiracy theories have become an alternative truth.

B. The Pandemic is the only reason behind the dependence of people on Social media

C. The News industry is witnessing a tremendous change.

D. None of the above.

Question 109

What does the Author indicate when he quotes that Rose coloured glasses always lead to unfair distortion?

A. Digital Journalism is twisted.

B. Author means to say that he does not have any disproportionate bias for analog journalism.

C. Rosy picture of every news cannot be created.

D. All of the above.

Question 110

The Author has severely targeted and criticized which one of the following factors of Digital Journalism?

A. Social Outreach

B. Credibility of Information

C. Lack of Information

D. None of the above.