CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) 2020 MCQs Questions Paper Part 26

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Quantitative Techniques

Direction: The following data presents the cases of Japanese Encephalitis in five states of India.

Japanese Encephalitis in Five States of India

No. of persons affected by Japanese encephalitis (in thousands)

No of Persons Affected by Japanese Encephalitis
StatesRatio of males to female
Male: female
Odisha12: 7
West Bengal6: 3
Chhattisgarh5: 2
Jharkhand15: 14
Andhra Pradesh7: 6

Question 136

Number of females affected by Japanese encephalitis in West Bengal are what percentage (up to 1 decimal) more or less than that of females affected in Odisha?

A. 28.6 % less

B. 29.7 % more

C. 26.8 % less

D. 25.8 % more

Question 137

What is the average number of males affected by Japanese encephalitis in all the five states?

A. 9,000

B. 13,500

C. 18,400

D. 20,600

Question 138

If the total number of males affected by Japanese Encephalitis in other states are 87 % more than the average number of males in Odisha, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, the total number of males affected in India is:

A. 44,880

B. 1,40, 880

C. 1,47, 880

D. 68,880

Question 139

By what percentage is the average of males in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh together more or less than the average of females in West Bengal, Jharkhand and Odisha together who are affected by Japanese encephalitis?

A. 22

B. 24

C. 26

D. 28

Question 140

What is the percentage (up to 1 decimal) of females affected by ‘Japanese encephalitis’ of the total affected population across five states?

A. 25.4

B. 36.7

C. 24.5

D. 37.6

Direction: A room having the dimensions as mentioned in the chart below has a table, a bed and a chair. There are three books kept on the table (side by side) and also a lamp having radius, 3.5 inch. Now, on the basis of information given below answer the following.

A Room Having the Dimensions as Mentioned in the Chart Below
Sr. NoObjectLengthBreadthHeight
1Room18 feet12 feet12 feet
2Bed3.5 feet6 feet3 feet
3Table3 feet4 feet4 feet
4Chair2 feet2.5 feet4 feet
5Books12 inch6 inch3 inch

Question 141

What would be the area of the room which is not covered by any object as mentioned above?

A. 176.5 sq. ft.

B. 178 sq. ft.

C. 367 sq. ft.

D. 245.5 sq. ft.

Question 142

What is the area of the table which is uncovered by any of the objects?

A. 1656 sq. inch

B. 1617.52 sq. inch

C. 1473.52 sq. inch

D. 1512 sq. inch

Question 143

How many tables are required to cover the floor surface of the room completely?

A. 18

B. 11

C. 21

D. Data inadequate

Question 144

If the entire room is to be filled by books having same dimensions as lying on the table, then how many books are required.

A. 2,00, 736

B. 20,736

C. 11,736

D. 17,522

Question 145

How many chairs can be put inside the room so as to cover the entire floor area of the room?

A. 40

B. 21

C. 43

D. 18

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