CLAT Sample Paper (Part 11 of 11)

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  1. Note: Select the sentence with coordinating conjunction.
    1. He held my hand lest I should fall.
    2. He is slow but he is honest.
    3. Rama will go if Hari goes.
    4. A book is a book although there is nothing in it.
  2. Note: Select the sentence with subordinating conjunction.
    1. Horses neigh and cats mew
    2. I was annoyed still I kept quiet
    3. He is slow but he is honest
    4. He ran away because he was afraid.
  3. Which is correct passive voice for “The Principal read the report.”
    1. The principal is reading the report.
    2. The report was read by the Principal.
    3. The report was had been read by the Principal.
    4. The Principal will not read the report.
  4. Could we have ________ coffee, please?
    1. some
    2. few
    3. no
    4. a few
  5. ________ the money goes into a sr. Ecial bank account.
    1. Every
    2. All
    3. Each
    4. Some
  6. The agent has asked ________ of his customers to give money.
    1. every
    2. a little
    3. a few
    4. each
  7. ________ I get you a glass of water?
    1. Dare
    2. Need
    3. Can
    4. Would

    Identify the correct indirect speech

    118 “I may not be at home.”

    1. He said he might not be at home.
    2. He said I may not be at home.
    3. He said he could not. Be at home.
    4. He said he should not be at home.

    119 “I do not think 1 will buy another car.”

    1. She says she cannot buy another car.
    2. She says she will not buy another car.
    3. She says she would not think of going to buy a car.
    4. She says she does not think she will buy another car.

    120 “You can pay me cash or give me a cheque”

    1. He told her she could pay in cash or cheque.
    2. He told her she could pay him cash or give him a cheque.
    3. He told her she would pay him cash or give him a cheque.
    4. He told her she should not pay him cash or give him a cheque.