CLAT Sample Paper (Part 6 of 11)

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  1. Under pious obligation a son is obliged to pay a debt contracted by his father
    1. before partition
    2. after partition
    3. either before or after partition
    4. for immoral purpose before partition
  2. A Hindu woman aged twenty years adopts a Hindu boy aged twenty years. The adoption is
    1. void
    2. voidable at the instance of the boy
    3. immoral and unenforceable
    4. valid, if taken with leave of court
  3. Which one of following statements is not correct? Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 applies to
    1. Jains
    2. Budhists
    3. Sikhs
    4. Persons belonging to scheduled Tribe
  4. If a Hindu boy marries a Hindu girl of the same gotra under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, the marriage is
    1. void
    2. voidable
    3. valid
    4. unenforceable under law
  5. Under Hindu Law a mother, in the absence of her son՚s father, sells her minor son՚s immovable property. The minor son, on attaining majority, can challenge this transaction
    1. on the ground of not taking permission from the court
    2. as the transaction was not done by his father
    3. as no such transaction can be done for minor son
    4. but he will be unsuccessful because the transaction is valid
  6. Which one of the following is not correct? Under Hindu Law a person can be adopted if he is
    1. Hindu
    2. Unmarried
    3. Above fifteen years of age
    4. Not already adopted
  7. Maina Bibi v. Choudhary Vakil Ahmed is related to
    1. Mahar
    2. Guardianship
    3. Maintenance
    4. Wakf
  8. Which one of the following is not a ground for dissolution of a Muslim marriage under the Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939?
    1. Where abouts of the husband is not known for four Years
    2. Option of puberty
    3. Non-maintenance of the wife by the husband for two years
    4. Non-payment of mahr
  9. Which one of the following is not an actionable claim?
    1. Claim for arrears of rent
    2. Provident fund payable after retirement
    3. A share in partnership
    4. A secured debt
  10. Which one of the following is an exception to the rule against perpetuity?
    1. Permanent transfer for gift
    2. Personal covenants
    3. Pre-emption
    4. All the above