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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • i want solution for and 53

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    1 Answer

    For CLAT detailed solutions visit -

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  • Give me model.question paper

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    1 Answer

    For CLAT compete preparation visit -

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  • So I want to ask some question about the flat which means Common Law Admission Test please provide me some solved sample papers

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    1 Answer

    For CLAT preparation visit -

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  • Hello sir, I want to know that I am doing 12 from NIOS and preparing for CLAT so I can be eligible for exam of 2018

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    1 Answer

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  • I have completed my 10th grade and opted for science. But my ambition is to be a criminal lawyer. Should I start taking the coaching for CLAT in XI or is it okay if I start in XII?

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    1 Answer

    You can definitely opt for science and start preparation for CLAt from now on. You can refer the following link for past paper solutions and practice questions -, we suggest that you can go for self-study.

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  • I have taken biology in class 11 is, am I eligible to give CLAT examination?

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    1 Answer

    Please check out this link for CLAT exam eligibility details-

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  • There are many questions asked based on foreign languages. Eg: Prima face: on the first view :: In pari delicto: ? nI would like to know it is compulsory to learn any specific foreign language?

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    1 Answer

    No it is not compulsory to learn foreign language to appear for CLAT. These are latin expressions commonly used in English as well. In Pari Delicto means in equal fault these are terminology of Latin used in Legal cases.

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  • I have completed my 10th grade and now opted for ISC commerce. Should I start coaching class now itself or during my 12th? Which would be better? We start coaching so early any benefit?

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    1 Answer

    For CLAT, you can start with self preparation, we do not advise students to appear for coaching classes and focus on self study. You can refer for online CLAT preparation and for postal course you can refer-

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  • I want to ask whether there is any time limit for each section in CLAT exam or whole paper is to be completed in 2 hrs and is reading time given?

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    1 Answer

    To know the pattern and weightage of examination please check-

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  • How much time will be given to solve entrance exam paper of CLAT?

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    1 Answer

    The duration for CLAT examination is 2 hours.

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