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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Wants study material And wants to know which books i prefer

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    1 Answer

    For CLAT complete preparation material refer -

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  • I hve parpared entrance exam

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    1 Answer

    For CLAT exam prepare questions at

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  • How can I prepare for CLAT 2017 i didn't started study bcz I'm so confused and now only 1 month is remained for exam how can i prepare for good rank plz help me and give me some tricks

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    1 Answer

    For CLAT preparation it is best to refer -

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  • I want papers of previous years of clat

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    1 Answer

    For CLAT solved papers with explanations visit

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  • I have not joined any coaching to appear for COT? I should appear for that or not?

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    1 Answer

    Joining coaching and succeeding in exam have no relation. Have confidence in yourselves and start preparing with full go. For practice refer past paper questionss and solutions at

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  • Dear Sir, I want study materials for Calcutta University Law Entrance exam.

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    1 Answer

    For Law entrance examination kindly refer legal aptitude section in

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