CMAT How to Apply

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Pre-Requisites Before Beginning the CMAT Registration

You should have the following ready before starting the CMAT registration process which are stated below:

  • A Computer with good Internet connectivity must be available so there is no breakdown in Internet connections during registration.
  • All your qualification details as you need to enter them while registering for CMAT exam.
  • A Valid e-mail id which you will be using atleast for the coming 6 months. All communication will be done on this e-mail id which you will enter while registering for CMAT exam.
  • A Valid mobile number as all details via sms will be sent to this number.
  • A valid Credit or Debit card in case you want to pay ONLINE.
  • A Printer connected to your system as you will have to PRINT 3 copies of CHALLAN in case you are planning to pay by CASH at the bank.

Registering for CMAT

It is a 4 Step process which is mentioned below:

  • First time you will enter as NEW USER. Read the instructions, accept the declaration and proceed further.
  • Self registration: Enter few general details. Submitting this page will create a unique 8 digit password. This password will be visible on your screen and will be sent to you via e-mail and sms. From now, whenever you wish to login to the registration portal, you will come as an EXISTING USER and login with your e-mail id and this unique 8 digit password. This will complete your self registration.
  • Fill the remaining part of the form. Once you have filled the complete form, we suggest you to check again the complete data that you have entered. You can still change the data entered by clicking on VIEW or MODIFY.
  • Once you are sure that all the data entered is accurate, you will have to accept a declaration and click on SUBMIT. The system will re-confirm to you for SUBMIT. Once you confirm, your form will get ultimately SUBMITTED and no change in the data is possible after this SUBMIT.
  • Message on your screen stating Thank you for successfully registering for the AICTE CMAT 2012 exam. Please login from 30th Jan 2012 onwards to download your exam ADMIT CARD. For latest updates, please go to AICTE.
  • This completes the registration process-

Payment Process

Payment Procedure: The payment can be done either by online banking or cash deposit.

  1. Online Payment: Select the ONLINE PAYMENT mode and then make payment using Credit card, Debit card or Net Banking. Once payment is done, Candidates will get a confirmation e-mail and sms. As you get the successful payment confirmation message, you can proceed further with the rest portion of registration process.
  2. CASH Payment in SBI bank: Select this option to pay by CASH at any of the designated SBI bank branch. Once you select this option and proceed, you will see a CHALLAN on your screen with your details already filled in it. You need to take 3 PRINT OUTS of this CHALLAN, fill in the details wherever required in all the copies, and walk in to your nearest SBI bank branch with CASH on the next day of generation of Challan. Cash Deposit will be accepted only from the next day of your Challan generation.

For example, If you Generate and Print the Challan copies on 9th Dec 2011, then walk in to the nearest SBI bank branch with Challan copies and CASH from 10th Dec 2011 onwards. Similarly if you PRINT the CHALLAN copies on 10th Dec 2011, then walk in to the nearest SBI bank branch with Challan copies and CASH from 11th Dec 2011 onwards.

Important Note

Last date to pay CASH in the bank is 10th Jan 2012 and from there onwards to complete registration is 12th Jan 2012.

In return to the CASH Deposit, the bank will give you one copy of CHALLAN with their stamp and a JOURNAL number written on it. Please ensure the JOURNAL number written is clearly visible before you leave the bank.

Now as you have deposited the CASH and in return received an acknowledgement CHALLAN, you need to wait for around 48 hours. Meanwhile these 48 hours, the payment that you have paid will get updated in the registration portal.

You will get an e-mail and sms confirming and stating that your payment data has got updated in the registration portal. Then you need to re-login to the portal to proceed further with the rest portion of registration process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The detailed instructions will also available in the “NEW USER” tab on AICTE, Candidates can click on to start the registration process from 9th Dec 2011 onwards.

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