CMAT FAQs on Examination Rules

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  • What will be the time duration and pattern of the test? Answer: The time duration will be 3 hours. CMAT is completely a multiple choice test, divided into different 4 sections, The test will comprise of 100 questions. For more information, Please refer to the Test Duration & Pattern.
  • Do I get any breaks in between the test? Answer: No, you will not be given any breaks during the test.
  • Will I be given any scratch paper for rough work and calculations during the test? Answer: At the test centre, each candidate will be seated at a desk with a computer terminal and he or she will be provided with a scratch paper for calculations. Rough work cannot be done on any other paper or sheet, as nothing will be allowed inside the testing room. When the test is over, candidates need to return back all the scratch paper to the Administrator or instructor.
  • What is the reporting time for the test? Answer: One Hour and Thirty minutes before the test time. For example-If the test will going to start at 9.30 am, you must reach the desired test centre no later than 8: 00 AM. In the same way, If the test will going at 2.30 pm, you must reach the desired test centre no later than 1 PM, It is crucial to keep this in mind.
  • Which are the identification documents needed to be carried along to the test centre? Answer: Candidates need to bring the identification documents on the test day stated as follows: CMAT 2012 Admit Card with recent passport sized photo pasted on it. Atleast one original (not photocopied or scanned copy) and valid (not expired) photo identification. The name on your photo identification must match your name as entered in the CMAT application. Acceptable forms of photo identification types are limited to Driver՚s license, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, UID card or a notarized Affidavit (in English) with Photo, Signature, Date of Birth and Residential Address. Photocopies or zerox of the original are not acceptable. Candidates will not be permitted to take the test if photo identification is not presented. Authorized copy of Xth Mark sheet or equivalent Important: Admit Card and one photo identification, mentioned above are compulsory in order to take test. Important Note: You will have to store all other personal items at the test centre at your own risk. Please do not carry any other items to the test centre, as they are not permitted into the testing centre.
  • Does the name need to match with the names appearing on the identification documents? Answer: Your name needs to be exactly identical to the name on your Xth Mark sheet or equivalent. If the name has been changed due to events such as marriage, you must show the relevant document mentioned below and submit a photocopy at the time of the test, interview and at the time of joining a programme. Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Legal Name Change Document.
  • Which materials are allowed to bring along with me to the desired test centre? Answer: None. You are not allowed to bring any personal items to the test centre, including but not limited to wrist-watch, cellphones, calculators, etc.