Data Interpretation Logical Reasoning (Part 3 of 7)

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Directions: Answer these Questions on the basis of the information given below:

In the table below is the listing of players, seeded from highest (#1) to lowest (#32) , who are due to play in an Association of Tennis Players (ATP) tournament for women. This tournament has four knockout rounds before the final, i.e.. . first round, second round, quarterfinals, and semi-finals. In the first round, the highest seeded player plays the lowest seeded player (seed # 32) which is designated match No. 1 of first round; the 2nd seeded player plays the 31st seeded player which is designated match No. 2 of the first round, and so on. Thus, for instance, match No. 16 of first round is to be played between 16th seeded player and the 17th seeded player. In thesecond round, the winner of match No. 1 of first round plays the winner of match No. 16 of first round and is designated match No. 1 of second round. Similarly, the winner of match No. 2 of first round plays the winner of match No. 15 of first round, and is designated match No. 2 of second round. Thus, for instance, match No. 8 of the second round is to be played between the winner of match No. 8 offirst round and the winner of match No. 9 of first round. The same pattern is followed for later rounds as well.

SeedName of PlayerSeedName of PlayerSeedName of Player
Seed 1Maria SharapovaSeed 12Mary PierceSeed 23Silvia Farina Elia
Seed 2Lindsay DavenportSeed 13Anastasia MvskinaSeed 24Tatiana Golovin
Seed 3Amelie MauresmoSeed 14Alicia MolikSeed 25Shinobu Asazoe
Seed 4Kim CliistersSeed 15Nathalie DechvSeed 26Francesca Schiavone
Seed 5Svetlana KuznetsovaSeed 16Elena BovinaSeed 27Nicole Vaidisova
Seed 6Elena DementievaSeed 17Jelena JankovicSeed 28Gisela Dulko
Seed 7Justine HeninSeed 18Ana IvanovicSeed 29Flavia Pennetta
Seed 8Serena WilliamsSeed 19Vera ZvonarevaSeed 30Anna Chakvetadze
Seed 9Nadia PetrovaSeed 20Elena LikhovtsevaSeed 31Ai Sugiyama
Seed 10Venus WilliamsSeed 21Daniela HantuchovaSeed 32Anna-lena Groenefeld
Seed 11Patty SchnyderSeed 22Dinara SafinaName NilSeed Nil
  1. If Elena Dementieva and Serena Williams lose in the second round, while Justine Henin and Nadia Petro va make it to the semi-finals, then who would play Maria Sharapova in the quarterfinals, in the event Sharapova reaches quarterfinals?
    1. Dinara Safina
    2. Justine Henin
    3. Nadia Petrova
    4. Patty Schnyder
  2. If the top eight seeds make it to the quarterfinals, then who, amongst the players listed below, would definitely not play against Maria Sharapova in the final, in case Sharapova reaches the final?
    1. Amelie Mauresmo
    2. Elena Dementieva
    3. Kim Clijsters
    4. Lindsay Davenport
  3. If there are no upsets (a lower seeded player beating a higher seeded player) in the first round, and only match Nos. 6,7, and 8 of the second round result in upsets, then who would meet Lindsay Davenport in quarter finals, in case Davenport reaches quarter finals?
    1. Justine Henin
    2. Nadia Petrova
    3. Patty Schnyder
    4. Venus Williams
  4. If, in the first round, all even numbered matches (and none of the odd numbered ones) result in upsets, and there are no upsets in the second round, then who could be the lowest seeded player facing Maria Sharapova in semi-finals?
    1. Anastasia Myskina
    2. Flavia Pennetta
    3. Nadia Petrova
    4. Svetlana Kuznetsova