CS Exam Accountancy: Indian Financial Market

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Indian Financial Market

Capital market is the market brings together all the providers and users of capital, all the financial products, like stocks and bonds which make the transfer of capital possible, and all the people and organizations which support the process. The structures of Indian capital market

From the above chart we can observe that Indian capital market is mainly divided into two-ORGANISED AND UNORGANISED. Under organized we have money lenders and indigenous bankers. In the organized sector we have a host of agencies and systems, security market under which there are new issues and further government bonds and corporate securities. Then there is stock market under which again government bonds and corporate securities and under corporate securities there are again bonds and shares. In addition to these under organized sector there are banks and non-banking financial institution exclusively engaged in capital financing. The organized sector is under the direct control of reserve bank of India. The role of major financial institution in India