CS Exam Security Identification

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In all industries the identification document is very important for all personnel. Which all types of people work in an industry and what are the main details which an identity card must have?

the major task of security organization in any industry ids to recognize all the personnel before they are allowed entry into the premises. Therefore personnel or administration department depending upon the management policy must issue valid identity cards or any other valid documentation for his/her identification. All personnel including permanent temporary employees, contracts or casual labors and all other categories must be in their possession of a valid identification document for seeking entry into the premises. In case of absence of such system it may be possible that an unauthorized person can get into the premises with wrong intensions. Basically there is strict need for introducing an identification document for following categories of personnel

  1. All employees weather permanent or temporary
  2. Contractors and casual employees (all casual employees who are coming to the organization must have proper identification system a register should contain the personnel particulars of casual employees. At the time of seeking entry into the factory or the office premises an identification token with proper serial number must be issues to him.)
  3. badlis (in fact this system of temporary replacement/bablis is not very much in use, because of its inherent technical and administrative de merits. However in case it is taken into use then proper security permit/token must be devised for issue.)
  4. Visitors there are quite a number of people who pay visits to industry in business connection, personnel meetings and for other miscellaneous tasks. Security staff must be trained to handle all visitors to the organization in a very polite courteous but firm behavior. The main details of identity card

Register Details

An identity document is a piece of documentation designed to prove the identity of the person carrying it. Unlike other forms of documentation, which only have a single purpose such as authorizing bank transfers or proving membership of a library, an identity document simply asserts the bearer՚s identity. If an identity document is in the form of a small standard-sized card, such as an ISO 7810 card, it is called an identity card. Personnel or administrative department must maintain a proper identity card issue register. This must be checked my department head every month or at least quarter. The register must contain following details

  1. Serial no
  2. Date of issue
  3. Name in full
  4. Date of birth
  5. Residential address
  6. Identity card serial number
  7. Department of employee
  8. Signature of the individual
  9. Signature of the issuing authority

Information to be Checked

The security officer must check brief in details all the security staff as to what all essential information to be checked at the main gate or else ware. The important points are as under

  1. Clearly visible serial number of identity card
  2. Company՚s seal or stamp should be half on the card and half on the photograph of the individual
  3. All the columns are properly typed/written
  4. The signature of the individual and issuing authority in ink. The signature should not be stamped
  5. In case of an unknown person the personnel particular eg color of hair, color of eyes and identification mark should be carefully checked.

Visitor Pass

Explain how visitors are conducted in an industry. Give specimen of visitors pass

these are quite a number of people who pay visits to industry in business connection, personnel meeting and for other miscellaneous tasks. Security staff must be trained to handle all visitors to the organization in a very polite courteous but firm behavior. The conduct of security staff with visitors will always give an undue liberty to loiter around in the factory premises, ad he may try to acquire some technical information which he is not suppose to know. Generally a visitor must be conducted in an organization as follows

  1. On arrival the visitors should be escorted to the visitor՚s room and security supervisor on duty should enquire about the manager/officer to whom he wished to meet
  2. The security staff must take him to the reception counter the receptionist will ask the concerned manager/officer whether he/she will like to meet the concerned visitor.
  3. Visitors should be requested to enter his/her particulars in the visitors register, to be kept either at security room/time office
  4. Once manager/officer to be visited gives his her consent to meet the visitors security staff must properly brief the visitor about the office location. In case of any doubt he should be escorted unto concerned officer/manager. In an organization where entry or area is restricted from security point of view, then invariably all visitors will be escorted
  5. Before leaving reception a visitors pass must be prepared and handed over him/her. This pass must be returned at the issuing place before leaving the premises.
  6. Visitors must be requested to get the signature of the officer visited along with time of departure from the office. This should be properly checked at the security office to ensure that no other place in the factory was visited by him/her due to security risk.
  7. Visitors time of departure must be correctly entered in the visitor՚s register to counter-check form the visitors pass in case need be.
  8. If there are any visitors for some employees working on the shop floor, the visitors should be sent to shop or workshop. The concerned employee, if the need arises, should be called to visitor՚s room. Visitors register is an important document which must be properly maintained at the security office near the main entry/exit.