Preparation Tips for the Add Company Secretary and GK to SOF Exam 2022

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Making smart strategy with the priority to important topics on daily basis and try to revise them on extra time. We would like to share the best possible tricks and tips to improve your study level.

Firstly, go through the new exam pattern. Just go through the no of questions & marks distribution. Read the syllabus properly & set it in mind for further studies.

Make some of the important topics for the preparations. Make the important topics as your priority & go through it.

The time management is the important factor for perfect preparation. So just set time table and manage the schedules according to the time. Make also revision plans by managing time.

Solve more and past year latest papers to make speed and to know how much time consumed per questions. It is helpful to manage time for attending the papers. Apply maximum in online mock tests for more and more practice.

Best of Luck! ! !