CSIR NET JRF: Revision Terminology Part 29

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  • Bryophyte – highest evolved sporophyte – Anthrecos.

  • Simplest sporophyte – Riccia.

  • Celyptra derived kim venter of archegonium hence is haplsid.

  • Sterile elongated cells with spiral thickenings in capsule of bryophyte = elaters.

  • Oblique septa in rhizoids of moss faciliate faster conduction between adjacent cells.

  • Lathyrism – is caused due to consumption of kerasi dal – gross skeletal deformations & thinking of collagen fibres & fibrils, cause pomalysis of lower limbs.

  • Algae Chlorella algae – rich in proteins anteromorpha algae – both flesh + marine water.

  • Study of algae = phycology.

  • Fresh water alges – zygnema, cladophora, spirogyra, ulothrix, Oedogonim.

  • Algae attached to submereged vegetation – periphyton

  • A Terrestrial alga is edaphophytes.

  • Characium algae on antennae of mosquito larvae.

  • Os cillosporia algae on guinea pig, deer, tadpole.

  • Simonsiella algae on man, horse, cow, pig.

  • Algae are auxotrophic – need org camp but not as source of energy.

  • Ouadriciliate zoospore – Ulothrix & Cladophore.

  • Isogamy – Positive & negative Strains, Chlamydomonas, Ulothrix.

  • Anisogamy – male is smaller & active, Spirogyra & zygnema, Pandoria, Aphonochaete.

  • Chora – highly evolved sex organs.

  • Green algae – glycoproteins rich in hydroxyproline constitute cell wall, uninucleate, 2 contractile vacel (chlamydomonaas) – cup shaped chloroplast with pyrenoid it is a protein body & has CO2 fixing engineering – Ribulose Bifhosphate carborxylase – Store carbohydrate.

  • Apirogyra

    1. Scalciform conjngation – bet cells of different filaments

    2. Lateral conjugation – bet cells of same filaments.

  • Green algae as ancestors of land plants because – contain che a & b in cell & store stomach.

  • Carpogonium is a flask shaped female cell with long neck like trickogyne in red algae.

  • Not true Mosses:

  • Rcinder moss (Cladonia) + Iceland moss = lichen

  • Irish moss / Sea moss / Caregeheen moss = Chondrus (red algae)

  • Club moss (Lycopodium) = Pteridophytes.

  • Bird nest moss (Selgeinella) = Pteridophytes.

  • Spanich moss (Tillandsia) = Epiphytic angiospltion.

  • Red snow – Chlamydomonas nivalis, Ulothrix, Flaccid a, Smithsoniomonas abbotti, Scoteela nivalis.

  • Back snow – Raphidonema.

  • Purple snow – Ancylonema nordenskiodoii, merotaenium berggreni.

  • Blue snow – Dactyloccocopsis caucasica.

  • Yellow snow – Chlamydomonas flavovirens, cystococcus nivicola.

  • Brown algae entangled in bottom of ship – cause menace to shipping.

  • Alginic acid has haemostatic prop.

  • Sod. Alginate – Stabiliser in food.

  • Cal. Alginate – Plasties.

  • Brown Algae contain small colousless vasciles = fucosan vesicles (to check growth of unicellular organisms)

  • Cyanbacteria cyanophycin gramale – aspartic acid : arginine

  • Cyanlbacteria polyhedral bodies (RNA associated with DNA)

  • Nature heterocyst have nirmal content of chl a but phycobiloproteins are absent. Althoush they retain PS I; PS II and RUBP carbarcylase is absent so they do not fix CO2 & nor produce O2 in light. They provide a protective mech. Against oxygen inhibition of Engineering mitrogenase & provide a good site for M2 fixation.

  • Porphyra protein has high protein content used to prepare Laver

  • Spiruline – rich in vitamin B complex & Minerab.

  • Mostoc – food in china – ‘yayucho’.

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