CSIR Syllabus for Examination

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Syllabus for Paper-I (Part A)

The following part is common for all the candidates who are giving NET. Total there will be 40 objective type questions in Part ‘A’ of Paper I. Candidates need to answer any of the 25 questions. If a candidate answers more than 25 questions, only the first 25 answers will be taken into consideration plus there will be no enhancement in the marks also for more answers.

Questions will carry 2 marks with them.

Negative marking will be there for the wrong answers answered.


  1. Basic information on Science plus its influence on society aims to test the candidate knowledge and awareness of science, aptitude of scientific and quantitative reasoning. Questions would be aimed to evaluate the creativity, analytical ability and research aptitude of candidates. Questions would be there from each of the subject areas of NET namely, Chemical Sciences; Earth, Atmospheric, Ocean & Planetary Sciences; Life Sciences; Mathematical Sciences and Physical Sciences.
  2. Common Elementary Computer Science: It is however applicable to all the candidates offering any subject area; Some questions pertaining to the general computer awareness and its implications.
    1. Programming Instructions.
    2. Simple Algorithms And Commputational Methods.

Syllabus for Paper-I (Section-B) and Paper II: New and Revised