CSIR Paper I Revised Syllabus

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All the students are hereby informed that the syllabus of Part A of Joint CSIR-UGC Test for Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility for Lectureship has been Revised. The existing syllabus and revised syllabus are being focused below:

  • Existing Syllabus: General Science, Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis and Research Aptitude.
  • Revised Syllabus: General Aptitude with key focus on logical reasoning, graphical analysis, analytical and numerical ability, quantitative comparison, series formation, puzzles etc.

The number of questions given and which need to be attempted in the Part A will remain same i.e.. . There will be total 20 questions and the candidates need to answer any of the 15 questions. Each question will comprise of two marks.

However, The model question in terms of revised syllabus is also available.

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