Earth Science MCQs (Part 6 of 21)

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  1. Solar eclipse is caused when

    1. the earth comes between the sun and the moon

    2. the. Earth hides the face of the sun

    3. the moon comes between the Sun and the earth

    4. none of the above

    Answer: c

  2. The deepest sea in the world is

    1. Pacific ocean

    2. Atlantic ocean

    3. Indian ocean

    4. Arctic ocean

    Answer: a

  3. The degree to which dampness is present in the air is called

    1. Lightening

    2. Cloud

    3. Humidity

    4. Rainfall

    Answer: b

  4. Which planet is known as the ‘Evening Star’

    1. Mercury

    2. Pluto

    3. Venus

    4. Earth

    Answer: c

  5. Solstices, the occasion during which the sun shines vertically over tropic occur in a year

    1. once

    2. twice

    3. thrice

    4. four times

    Answer: b

  6. Artisian well is

    1. a well which is dug artificially

    2. a well for irrigating land

    3. a hole in the upper impervious rock

    4. none of the above

    Answer: c

  7. Of the total mass of all of bodies of ollr solar system the sun comprises

    1. 10%

    2. 1%

    3. 90%

    4. 50%

    Answer: c

  8. Stratosphere is

    1. the middle region onile atmosphere

    2. lm. Yer region of the atmosphere

    3. upper region of the atmosphere

    4. none of the above

    Answer: b

  9. Anemometer is an instrument for measuring force and velocity of

    1. waves of tile sea

    2. glaciers

    3. winds

    4. none of the above

    Answer: c

  10. Tornados are whirlwinds having

    1. high temperature

    2. funnel shape

    3. grate velocity

    4. none of the above

    Answer: c

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