CSIR Life Science 2012 Past Paper Questions (Previous Year Papers) Part 1

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79. Which one of the following is responsible for the ejection of milk from mammary gland in mammals?

1. Oxytocin

2. Prolactin

3. Serotonin

4. Melatonin

80. The specificity of tRNA recognition by a minoacyl tRNA synthetase that is intrinsic to the tRNA molecule lies on

1. Acceptor stem

2. Anticodon stem

3. Acceptor stem and anticodon system

4. D- arm

81. A plant hormone that promotes the acquisition of desiccation tolerance in developing seed is

1. ABA


3. IAA

4. GA3

82. The T waves of ECG indicates

1. Atrial depolarization

2. Ventricular depolarization

3. Ventricular repolarization

4. Atrial depolarization

83. Presence of the nuclear localization signal (NLS) in a steroid receptor indicates that the receptor residues

1. on the nuclear membrane

2. Within the nucleus

3. on the cell membrane

4. in the cytosol

84.2- amino purine induces mutation by

1. Base pair exchange

2. Frame shift

3. Duplication

4. Deletion

85. Which of the following as an intracellular anchor protein?

1. Vitronectin

2. Vinculin

3. Integrin

4. Elastin

86. Capacitation of sperms in humans

1. Occurs during copulation

2. Occurs after the acrosome reaction

3. Take place in the ampulla of the oviduct

4. Take place in the epidermis of testis

87. Water can move through the soil plant atmosphere continuum, only if water potential along that path

1. Decreases

2. Increase

3. Remains unchanged

4. Fluctuates rapidly in either direction

88. Cucumber contains 99 % water. Ramesh buys 100 kg of cucumbers. After 30 day of sorting, the cucumber loses some water. They now contain 98 % water. What is the total weight of cucumbers now?





89. In a sequence every term is equal to the sum of all its pervious term

If , then is




4. e

90. a vertical pole of length a stand at the centre of a horizontal regular hexagon ground of side a. a rope that is fixed taut in between a vertex on the ground and to tip of the pole has a





A Vertical Pole