CSIR Life Science 2013 Past Paper Questions (Previous Year Papers) Part 2

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71. In bacteria chromosomal DNA replication stops at

1. One specific locus

2. Several specific locus

3. A single locus, randomly

4. From several loci, randomly

72. The cylindrical channels in gap junction are made up of

1. Connexion

2. Collagen

3. Fibronectin

4. N-CAM

73. Which one of the following is not extracellular matrix protein?

1. Fibronectin

2. Vitronectin

3. Laminin

4. Cyclin

74. A cross is made between a pure breeding plant having red coloured flowers with pure white breeding plant having white coloured flowers. Such a cross is called

1. Test cross

2. Monohybrid cross

3. Dihybrid cross

4. Back cross

75. Which one of the following bases has the largest hydrogen bonding possibility?

1. Adenine

2. Guanine

3. Cytosine

4. Uracil

76. Coelomates have

I. Fluid filled body cavity

II. A complete lining called peritoneum derived from mesoderm covering the body cavity

III. A complete lining called peritoneum derived from ectoderm covering the body cavity

IV. Round worms as representative of this group

V. Flat worm as represent of this group

Select the correct combination


2. I, III, V

3. I, II, IV

4. I, II

77. Micro evolution is the term used in the changes in allele frequencies that occur over time.

1. Within a population at species level

2. Within a community at genus level

3. Due to appearance of new genes infection

4. Due to mutation, natural selection, flow and genetic drift

Which of the following combination is not appropriate?

1. I, III

2. I, IV

3. II, III

4. II, IV

78. The following are certain facts regarding biological nitrogen fixation in plants;

I. Oxygen irreversibly inactivates nitrogenase enzyme involved in nitrogen fixation

II. The nod genes that code for nodulation proteins are activated by nod

III. The two components of nitrogenous enzyme complex, the Fe protein and MoFe protein, can show catalytic activity independently

IV. During the reaction catalysed by nitrogenous enzyme, the Fe protein reduces the MoFe protein while the MoFe protein reduces N2.

Which one of the following combinations of the above statements is correct?

1. I, II, III

2. II, III, IV

3. I, III, IV

4. I, II, IV