CSIR Life Science 2015 Past Paper Questions (Previous Year Papers) Part 1

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7. Which of the following statements about evolution is NOT true?

(1) Evolution is the product of natural selection.

(2) Evolution is goal-oriented.

(3) Prokaryotes evolve faster than eukaryotes.

(4) Evolution need not always lead to a better phenotype

8. For which one of the following physiological studies 12CO2 and 13CO2 are used?

(1) Estimate the rate of photosynthesis

(2) Determine rate of photorespiration

(3) The ratio of C3 and CAM pathways of CO2 fixation.

(4) The ratio of C3 and C4 pathways of CO2 fixation

9. The genome of a bacterium is composed of a single DNA molecule which is 109 bp long. How many moles of genomic DNA is present in the bacterium? [Consider Avogadro No ]





10. Which of the following fungal groups has septate hyphae and reproduces asexually by budding, conidia and fragmentation?

1. Basidiomycota

2. Zygomycetes

3. Chytrids

4. Glomeromycota

11. The mean (µ) and standard deviation (σ) of body size in a Drosophila population are 8.5 and 2.2 mm, respectively. Under natural selection over many generations the µ and σ of body size change to 8.5 and 0.8 mm, respectively. The type of natural selection responsible for the change is called

1. Directional.

2. Neutral.

3. Disruptive.

4. Stabilizing.

12. The phylum in which the animals are bilaterally symmetrical in the larval stage and radially symmetrical in the adult stage is

1. Coelenterata.

2. Nematoda.

3. Mollusca.

4. Echinodermata

13. According to which evolutionary theory, there are long periods without significant -evolutionary changes interrupted by short episodes of rapid evolution?

1. Punctuated equilibrium

2. Saltation

3. Mutation

4. Neutrality

14. What is angle x in the schematic diagram given below?

Angle X in the Schematic





15. AB is the diameter of a circle. The chord CD is perpendicular to AB intersecting it at P. If and , the radius of the circle is


2.2. 5



Perpendicular Circle

16. Two plane mirrors facing each other are kept at to each other. A point is located on the angle bisector. The number of images of the point is




4. Infinite

18. Let m and n be two positive integers such that . Then the value of is

1. Not uniquely determined