CSIR Life Sciences June 2019 Past Paper Questions (Previous Year Papers) Part 1

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1. The first step in glycogen breakdown releases glucose units as

1. Glucose-6 phosphate

2. Glucose-1 phosphate

3. Glucose

4. Glucose and glucose-6 phosphate

2. During replication, RNaseH removes all of the RNA primer except the ribonucleotide directly linked to the DNA end. This is because

1. It can degrade RNA and DNA from their 5՚ end

2. It can only cleave bonds between two ribonucleotides

3. It can degrade RNA and DNA from their 3՚ end

4. Activity of RNaseH is inhibited by the presence of duplex, containing both strands as DNA.

3. The Na + /K + ATPase pump is found on the plasma membrane of most animal cells. A mutation in the intrinsic phosphorylation site of the pump is most likely to affect.

1. The outward movement of only

2. Inward movement of only

3. Both the inward and outward movement of and

4. Has no effect on pump activity but affects its stability

4. To prepare individual tissue cells from a primary culture, the cell-cell and cell matrix interaction must be broken. To achieve this, one would NOT use:


2. Trypsin

3. Collagenase

4. Separate

5. The following statements regarding the generation of dorsal/ventral axis in Drosophila was made:

I. Gurken protein moves along with the oocyte nucleus and signals follicle cells to adopt the ventral fate.

II. Maternal deficiencies of either the Gurken or torpedo gene cause centralization of the embryo.

III. Gurken is active only in the oocyte and Torpedo is active only in the somatic follicle cells.

IV. The Pipe protein is made in the dorsal follicle cells.

V. the highest concentration of Dorsal is in the dorsal cell nuclei, which becomes the mesoderm.

Which one of the following combinations of the above statements is true?

1. I and V

2. III and IV

3. II and III

4. II and IV

6. Out of several gibberellins identified in plants, which one of the following is NOT bioactive?

1. GA1

2. GA3

3. GA4

4. GA5

7. Choose the INCORRECT statement from the following statements made for an enzyme-catalysed reaction

1. The kinetic properties of allosteric enzymes do not diverge from Michaelis-Menten behaviour.

2. In feedback inhibition, the product of a pathway inhibits an enzyme of the pathway.

3. An antibody that binds tightly to the analog of the transition state intermediate of the reaction , would promote formation of P when the analog is added to the reaction

4. An enzyme with Kcat and Km M has activity close to the diffusion controlled limit

8. Which one of the following statements is not true about nucleosomal organization of core particle?

1. The typical structure of DNA is altered in the middle of the core particle

2. In core particle, DNA is organized as flat super helix with 1.65 turns around the histone octamer

3. While forming 30 nm fibres, generally 6 nucleosomes per turn organize into a two-start helix

4. The N-terminal histone tails in a core particle are strictly ordered and exit from the nucleosomes, between turns of the DNA

9. On sequence analysis of a double stranded DNA, the results showed the content of cytosine, C was 20 % , what is the amount of A and T put together?





10. Which one of the statements on protein conformation, detailed below is INCORRECT?

1. L-amino acids can occur in Type 1՚ -turns where , are both positive.

2. A peptide rich in proline is unlikely to adopt α-helical structure.

3. Proline residues have high propensity to occur in β-turns.

4. The dihedral angles , of amino acids in unfolded proteins are exclusively positive.

11. Eukaryotic mRNAs are modified to possess a 5 ‘cap structure. Which one of the following is an INCORRECT statement about the function of 5’ cap structure?

1. It protects the mRNA from exoribonuclease attack.

2. It facilitates splicing of the nascent transcripts.

3. It protects the transcript from degradation by RNAse III family enzymes.

4. It facilitates attachment to 40s subunit of ribosome.

12. Which one of the following does NOT belong to human antimicrobial proteins and peptides at epithelial surfaces forming part of innate immunity?

1. Lactoferrin

2. Defensin

3. Calprotectin

4. Vimentin

13. Which one of the following best describes death-upon-detachment?

1. Necroptosis

2. Anoikic

3. Extravasation

4. Metastasis

14. Fruit bats are known to harbour and spread several viruses that can infect other animals and humans. Which one of the following viruses is NOT reported to spread by fruit bats?

1. Ebola

2. Nipah


4. HIV

15. In a type 1 hypersensitivity-mediated asthmatic response, which one of the following is thought to contribute significantly to the prolonged bronchospasm and build-up of mucous seen in asthmatics?

1. Thromboxane

2. Leukotriene


4. Chondroitin