CSIR NET Life Sciences Model Paper II

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  1. Answer the following questions-
    1. How many moles of CaCl2 would be used in the making of 5.00 × 102 cm3 of a 5.0 M solution?
    2. Battery acid is basically 3 M H2SO4. Roughly how many grams of H2SO4 are in 400mL of this solution?
    3. Ice float on water? Why?
  2. Answer the following questions-
    1. Why cells are small?
    2. The RNA is Pre-Biotic? Prove your Answer.
  3. How DNA triple helix stabilized. Imagine, you have isolated a E coli mutant, which has genome as triple helix. What way it will have different fundamental processes.
  4. What is Collagen and a-keratin? Compare 1° 2° tertiary, and quaternary structures of collagen and a-keratin.
  5. How you judge the shape and size of biomolecules in solution?
  6. Can you suggest three techniques used for the identification and separation of sDNA and dsDNA and give principle of each?
  7. What are the particulars that determine variability in terrestrial ecosystem productivity?
  8. How feedback loops are there in regulation stomatal opening and closing.
  9. Answer the following questions-
    1. You have purified a RNA binding protein from E. Coli cell lysate. Can you design different experiments to confirm it?
    2. What is tautomeric shift in a purine of pyrimidines base? Elaborate how tautomeric shift in a base in DNA may lead to mutation.
  10. What is programmed cell death? Give crucial characteristics of the PCD. Prove with Examples, where it occurs during Plant Development.