CSIR NET Life Sciences December 2008 Paper (Part 5 of 14)

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  1. A perfuse kidney isolated from organism. What would be the effect of applying increasing arterial pressure on renal filtration rate (Answer 3)?

  2. For 99 % confidence interval the value of Y Y can be represented as

  3. The statistical test which can be utilized to validate the statement ‘Peoples having high cholesterol suffer more from hypertension’

    1. Students t test

    2. Regression analysis

    3. Pearson correlation coefficient

    4. ANOVA

  4. Among the following which plant family has been extensively used for phyto-remediation

    1. Poaceae

    2. Brassicaceae

    3. Malvaceae

    4. Anonaceae

  5. Defective gene in Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is

    1. Rb

    2. P53

    3. bCl2

    4. TGF

  6. Vector for transmission of disease Kalazar is

    1. Ades

    2. Anopheles

    3. Glossina

    4. Phlebotomus

  7. First successful vaccine against cancer has been prepared for

    1. Oral cancer

    2. Cervical cancer

    3. Breast cancer

    4. Colon cancer

  8. Atrial natriuretic factor secreted from atria is

    1. Hormone

    2. Neurotransmitter

    3. Enzyme

    4. Growth factor

  9. Substrate for angitensinogenase is

    1. Angiotensinogen

    2. Angiotensis I

    3. Angiotensin II

    4. Renin

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