CSIR NET Life Sciences December 2008 Paper (Part 7 of 14)

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  1. Leukemia inhibiting factor has been utilized in animal cell culture for

    1. Stimulating growth of cell

    2. Differentiation

    3. Morphogenesis

    4. Arrest cells at mitosis

  2. Dorsal lip of amphibian is equivalent to chicks

    1. Hensen node

    2. Primitive grove

    3. Animal pole

    4. Vegetal pole

  3. Homeotic genes are responsible for

    1. Maintaining gaps in segments

    2. Provide gradient in developing embryo

    3. Codes morphogens

    4. Mutation results in formation of organ at unusual locations

  4. Mosaic developmental pattern is always

    1. Autonomous

    2. Non autonomous

    3. Conditional

    4. Regulative

  5. The specialized structure pectin for clear eye sight is characteristic feature of

    1. Birds

    2. Amphibian

    3. Nocturanal mammals

    4. Aquatic mammals

  6. Which of the following is not correctly matched

      • Chanocytes
      • Porifera
      • Malphigian tubules
      • Arthropods
      • Clitellum
      • Annelids
      • Cnidocytes
      • Mollusc
  7. Cytoplasmic streaming results into mobility of substances and organalles involves interaction of

    1. Tubulin, kinesin

    2. Tubulin, myosin

    3. Actin, kinesin

    4. Actin, Myosin

  8. The main force in membrane resealing of ruptured biomembrane in aqueous environment is

    1. Hydrophobic forces between membrane lipids

    2. Covalent forces between membrane lipids

    3. Force between protein and lipids

    4. Ionic interactions between membrane lipids

  9. What would happen if lysosome membrane leaks its digestive enzyme in cytosol

    1. Acid hydrolases will be inactivated

    2. Acid hydrolases will digest the cellular components

    3. pH of cell will increase

    4. It will cause I-cell disease

  10. The maximum ionic interaction would be observed

    1. In presence of polar solvent

    2. In presence of mixture of water and alcohol

    3. Almost equal in all kinds of solvents

    4. When ionic compound is out of the solvents

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