CSIR NET Life Sciences December 2008 Paper (Part 8 of 14)

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  1. Regulation of trp operon by binding of trytophan to trp repressor is termed as

    1. Repression

    2. Induction

    3. Anti termination

    4. Atteneution

  2. In salt tolerance plant the excess salt is transported to vacoule by

    1. NaH + Antiporter

    2. Na-K + Pump

    3. Na-Cl-symporter

    4. Na-H + Ppase

  3. Post translational modification take place in

    1. Nucleus

    2. Mitochondria

    3. Ribosome

    4. Endoplasmic reticulum

  4. Which technique can not be utilized for detection of microdeletion on Y chromosome

    1. Karyotyping

    2. PCR

    3. Microarray

    4. Hybridization

  5. Individuals having X chromosome and short arm of Y chromosome are Y is male while individuals having X chromosome and long arm of Y chromosome are female. This shows that

    1. Genes for maleness are located on short arm of Y chromosome

    2. Genes for maleness are located on long arm of Y chromosome

    3. Genes for maleness are located on X chromosome

    4. Male determining genes are not located on Y chromosome

  6. if a cell has ‘c’ as the DNA content of cell and ‘n’ as the nunber of chromosomes, then just immediately before the cell division in case of mitosis what would be value of ‘c’ and ‘n’

    1. 2c and 4n

    2. 4c and 2n

    3. 4c and 4n

    4. 2c and 2n

  7. Which equation best describes the bacterial population growth (IFAS Answer 1)

  8. Genetic disorder xeroderma pigmentosum is due to error in

    1. Base exicision repair mechanism

    2. Nucleotide excision repair mechanism

    3. Direct repair mechanism

    4. DNA replication mechanism

  9. In Lederbergs experiment which one of the following option they have used to prove their historical experiment

    1. One auxotroph and one prototroph

    2. Two auxotroph and two prototroph

    3. Two auxotrophs

    4. Two prototrophs

  10. Among the following which is inhibitor of 80S ribosome

    1. Tetracycline

    2. Streptomycin

    3. Cyclohexamide

    4. Chloromphenicol

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