CSIR Paper 2 Life Science Questions (Part 1 of 10)

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  1. Trasduction has been used exgtensively for genome mapping for bacteria. Which of the following process is useful for gene mapping?
    1. Generalized transduction
    2. Sepcialized transaction
    3. Site specific recombination
    4. Bacterial lysis
  2. Molecular marker can not be utilized for
    1. Mapping of genes
    2. identifying the clones
    3. Identifyingthe locus of gene on chromosome
    4. Identifying the expressed product.
  3. Sxi genes of Drosophila regulate expression at
    1. Transcriptionl level
    2. Post transcriptiona level
    3. Translational level
    4. Post translational level
  4. Which function is not related with Th1 cells
    1. Secretion of IL-2
    2. Promoting antibody binding to soluble antigens
    3. IFN-?
    4. Induce phagocytosis
  5. Cysteine Asparate protein kinases involved in process of apoptosis function as
    1. Initiator and executioner
    2. Initiator and inflammator
    3. Initiator, inflammatory and executioner
    4. Inflammatory and executioner
  6. Which of the following is a component of MAP kinase signal transduction pathway?
    1. IP3
    2. ERK
    3. Protein Kinase B
    4. JAK kinase
  7. Which kinase activity is associated with phytochrome photreceptors responsible for Red/Far red response?
    1. Histidine
    2. Tyrosine
    3. Aspartate
    4. Ser/Thr kinase
  8. Fas protein invovled in cell mediated immune response
    1. have death domain
    2. act as inducer
    3. geneates G protein
    4. inhibit apoptosis
  9. Bubonic plaque caused by Yersinta pestis cannot be eradicated completely because
    1. Casual organism canno be culture in vitro
    2. Antibodies are not generated by causal organism
    3. Casual organism do not express surface antigents
    4. Y Pestis have broad host range
  10. Mycobacteria tuberculosis is able to cause disease because as it enters host cell it donot allow endosome to mature into
    1. Lysosomes
    2. Peroxisomes
    3. ER
    4. Golgi

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