CSIR Paper 2 Life Science Questions (Part 3 of 10)

  1. A poky Neurospora was crossed with normal Neurospora and following results were obtained Poky x Normal? all poky Normal x Poky? all Normal

  2. The Mendelian law of independent assortment is due to arrangement of chromosome during

    1. Anaphase-I

    2. Anaphase-II

    3. S-Phase

    4. Cytokinesis

  3. Among the following most variable stage of cell cycle is

    1. G1

    2. S

    3. G2

    4. M

  4. It has been obseved that during prolong animal cell culture and differentiation cell tends to stop dividing. They are said to be in

    1. Apoptosis

    2. Quiescent

    3. Senescence

    4. G1

  5. Type of mutation which is most suitable for study of regulation of cell like DNA replication is

    1. Gain of function

    2. Loss of function

    3. Suppressor mutation

    4. Conditional mutation

  6. The glycocalyx around cell membrane can be determined by

    1. Methylene blue

    2. Iodine

    3. Saffranin

    4. lectins

  7. Small amount of lethal mutation always tend to remain in population is due to

    1. Mutation selection balance

    2. Frequency dependent selection

    3. Positive selection

    4. Negative selection

  8. During evolution increased orngamentation in male is a result of

    1. Directional selection

    2. Co-evolution

    3. Sexual selection

    4. Natural selection

  9. The harmone responsible for regulating spermatogenesis in human is

    1. Testosterone

    2. FSH

    3. LH

    4. Estrogen

  10. Exponential growth inbacteria would be expected during

    1. lag phase

    2. log phase

    3. Stationary phase

    4. Deceleration phase

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