CSIR Paper 2 Life Science Questions (Part 4 of 10)

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  1. Thylokoid membrane has lateral asymmetrical poisitioning of phtosytem in chloroplast. Which statement is correct?

    1. PS-I in non appressed portion and PS-II in appressed portion

    2. PS-II in no appressed portion and PS-I in appressed portion.

    3. Both PS-I and PS-II in appressed portion

    4. Both PS-I and PS-II in non appressed portion of thylakoid

  2. Which organelle require intact membrance system for ATP synthesis

    1. Chlorplast

    2. Mitochondria

    3. Chlorplast & Mitochondria

    4. ER

  3. The movement of chloroplast is mediated by

    1. Dynein

    2. Kinesin

    3. Actin

    4. Myosin

  4. The flagellin protein is associated with

    1. Bacteria

    2. Protist

    3. Virus

    4. Eukaryotic cell

  5. Starch filled plastids are responsible for geotropism in columella cell beneath the root cap. They are termed as

    1. Amyloplast

    2. Elioplast

    3. Chloroplast

    4. Proplastid

  6. ABC transporter in plants which are responsible for detoxification of Xenobiotics and prevent oxidative damage are located at

    1. Tonoplast

    2. Peroxisome

    3. ER

    4. Plasma membrane

  7. Which technique is most suitable to study transcription factor and its binding site

    1. DNAse I foot printing

    2. Western blotting

    3. Northern blotting

    4. Micoarray

  8. Which of them is not utilized for comparison of operational taxonomic unit (OTU) in numerical taxonomy

    1. Unweighted pair group method

    2. Percentage similarity

    3. Jaccarrd Coefficient

    4. Genetic Similarity

  9. Which statement is correct regarding concogenes

    1. They are viral genes

    2. They mutated form of genes controlling cell division

    3. They are mutated viral genes

    4. They suppresses tumors

  10. A sample is no normal distribution ranging from (μ 1s) to (μ + 2s). The data in range would be

    1. 17

    2. 50

    3. 67

    4. 98

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