CSIR Paper 2 Life Science Questions (Part 6 of 10)

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  1. Among the following which antibiotic will inhibit protein synthesis in chloroplast?

    1. Cyclohexamide

    2. Chlorophenicol

    3. Rifamcin

    4. Ricin

  2. World wide maximum cultivated transgenic crop is

    1. Insect resistance cotton

    2. Herbicide resistance sybeans

    3. Growing plant for desired molecules

    4. Edible vaccines

  3. Elevated level of RBC and low affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen is an adaptation for

    1. High attitudes

    2. Poles

    3. Low attitudes

    4. Marine

  4. Perennial habit among trees would be more preferred under conditions

    1. Low survival during sapling stage and high during adult

    2. High survival during sapling stage and high during adult

    3. Low survival during sapling stage and low during adult

    4. High survival during sapling stage and high during adult

  5. Most of trees of India in tropocal forest belongs to family

    1. Arecacea

    2. Fabaceae

    3. Dipterocarpaceae

    4. Bromeliacae

  6. Scientific names of bacteria, fungi, plants and animals are given by

    1. International Unionof Biological Nomenclature

    2. There is different organization for naming plants and fungus

    3. There are three different organization for naming bacteria, plant and animals.

    4. Names of plants and animals are given by same organization

  7. Among the following imino acid is

    1. Proline

    2. Arginine

    3. Typtophan

    4. Lysine

  8. pl for hypothetical protein consisting of only apolar amino acids will be

    1. Independent on charge over N and C terminus

    2. Depend on number of amino acids

    3. Depend on mass of amino acids

    4. Independent of type of amino acids.

  9. What would be effect of photosynthesis in C3 and C4 plants on elevating the concentration of CO2 under light saturated condition?

    1. No effect on both type plants

    2. C3 plant will saturate fast and C4 plant remain unaffected

    3. C4 plants saturate fast and C3 plants remain unaffected

    4. Both type plants wil saturate fast

  10. Common metabolites in nucleotide biosynthesis from glucose by pentose phospate pathway is

    1. PRPP (Phospho ribosyl pyrophosphate)

    2. Glyceraldeyde-3-Phospate

    3. Di Hydroxy Acetone Phospate

    4. Fructose-6 − P

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