CSIR Paper 2 Life Science Questions (Part 7 of 10)

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  1. Which statement is not correct for nerve impulse transmission?

    1. Minimum threshold intensity is required

    2. Depends upon diamter of neuron

    3. Action potential is proportional to signal intensity

    4. Nerve cells show all or none effect

  2. A gene consists of two introns and a 5' UTR region, the probable number of exon will be

    1. 2

    2. 3

    3. 4

    4. 5

  3. Which is correct for termination of transcription in eukaryotes?

    1. Terminates prior to polyaderylation

    2. Terminates during polyadenylation

    3. Terminates after poly adenylation

    4. Forms hair pin loop

  4. Heritability due to genetic variance for a trait of importnace is 0.2. Which would be most appropriate approach to select trait in next generation in a short time?

    1. Pedigree selection

    2. Mass selection

    3. Family selection

    4. Selection by progeny testing

  5. Which statement is correct regarding functioning of topo-isomerase

    1. Separate double stranded DNA

    2. Act as primer

    3. Renaturate the SS DNA

    4. Attach to super coiled DNa and relax it

  6. A protein specially abundant in desiccated seeds and also help in osmotic adjustment

    1. LEA

    2. Hsp

    3. Globin

    4. a-amylase

  7. Initation of hematopoesis in adults occurs at

    1. Liver

    2. Bone marrow

    3. Kidney

    4. Spleen

  8. The essential mineral required for cell adhesion protein cadherin is

    1. Calcium

    2. magnesium

    3. Iron

    4. Sodium

  9. In an early embryonic transplanation experiment prospective skin cells were transferred near future muscle cell but then also it differentiates into skill cell. The cell would be termed

    1. Determined

    2. Commited

    3. Totipotent

    4. Differentiated

  10. Rolling of sheet of cell over other cells during gastrulation is termed as

    1. Epiboly

    2. Ingression

    3. Involulation

    4. Delamination