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CSIR Paper 1 Sample Questions (Part 2 of 5)

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  1. Assuming equal density through out different layers of the earth, if radius ‘r’ of sleeted part is gradually increased from centre of earth where r, re (radius of earth) what would be correct graphical representation for change in mass?

  2. As shown in graph solubility of CuSO4 increased as the temperature of solution is increased. Suppose under saturated condition temperature of solution is dropped from 60o to 30o, amount of CuSO4 deposited will be

    1. 24 g

    2. 44 g

    3. 20 g

    4. 100 g

  3. Which of the following is not a major green house gas in stratosphere?

    1. CO2

    2. Methane

    3. Ozone

    4. Water vapors

  4. Boiling pint of water at sea level is 100o C. What would be its boiling point at top of Mount Everest?

    1. 100o C

    2. 104o C

    3. 114o C

    4. 74o C

  5. Atmospheric pressure decline with altitudees as shown in table Height 0 Km 2 Km 4 Km 6 Km 8 Km Pressure 900 800 650 450 200 (mbar) What would be atmospheric pressure at height of 5 km?

    1. 720

    2. 550

    3. 640

    4. 420

  6. Mostly inner material of earth remains in solid state. Seldom has it melted and do not remain inside and expelled to the surface of earth because

    1. It is just beneath the earth crust

    2. Due to buoyancy

    3. Due to high pressure

    4. More density of surrounding rocks

  7. Among the following which ocean receives maximum sediments?

    1. Arabian Ocean

    2. Indian Ocean

    3. Bay of Bengal

    4. Dead Sea

  8. The amount of rainfall in summer at any place is shown in table. Jan March June Dec 550 30 10 450 The probable place would be:

    1. India

    2. North America

    3. Australia

    4. Sri Lanka

  9. Half life of any radioactive material is 50 days. How many half life it will take to become 12.5% of the original amount?

    1. 1

    2. 2

    3. 3

    4. 4

  10. What is probability of getting first three female pups out of a litter of 7?

    1. 3/27

    2. 37/64

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