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CSIR Paper 1 Sample Questions (Part 4 of 5)

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  1. If five flowers have nectar amount 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 μl respectively. If a bee consumes all the nectar from flowers, then at the end bee is rewarded with how much mean amount of nectar

    1. 10

    2. 20

    3. 30

    4. 150

  2. Starch on treatment with dilute H2SO4 yields free glucose but cellulose not because

    1. Cellulose is branched

    2. Cellulose is branched

    3. Starch is carbohydrate

    4. Starch is linear

  3. Major weight of human body is due to

    1. C

    2. P

    3. N

    4. O

  4. If all parameters related with cokroach are doubled such as height width and length, it will not survive because of

    1. Low surface area to volume ratio

    2. High surface area to volume ratio

    3. Exchange of gases

    4. Problem is excretion

  5. The graph represents

    1. Exothermic reaction

    2. Isolated reaction

    3. Endothermic reaction

    4. Physiologial reaction

  6. Corollas force is due to rotation of earth on moving object. The direction of corollas force is

    1. along the axis of rotation of the moving object

    2. against the axis of rotation of the joving objet

    3. Perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the moving object

    4. tangential to the axis of rotation of the moving object.

  7. Area required to store fats in seed as compare to carbohydrate would be

    1. Equal

    2. More

    3. Less

    4. Slightly more

  8. Terminal electron acceptor for metabolic reactions in organisms is

    1. CO2

    2. H2

    3. O2

    4. H2O

  9. If plarents with genotype AABBccddeeFF and aabbCCDDEEff are crossed, the genotype of resulting progency will be

    1. AABBccDDeeFf

    2. AaBbCcDdEfFf

    3. aaBBccDDeeFF

    4. AaBbCCddEfFf

  10. The effect of input of any fertilizer on rice yield is shown in graph. The optimum utilization of nutrient is at point?

    1. a

    2. b

    3. c

    4. d

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