CTET Paper 2 Social Science Important Practice Questions Part 40

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1. Which of the following statements is not an objective of social advertising?

(1) To change attitudes and mindset, as people influence people

(2) To target social networks and social groups

(3) To advertise products on social networking sites for personal commercial value

(4) To motivate members of the public to engage in voluntary social activity

Answer: 3

2. Media is no longer considered independent because of its close links with

(1) civil society

(2) government agencies

(3) business houses

(4) NGOs

Answer: 3

3. ‘Putting out system’ is

(1) whereby merchants supply raw material and receive finished product

(2) whereby merchants sell their merchandise on instalments

(3) whereby merchants force labourers to work for extra hours

(4) whereby merchants give advances and receive the product

Answer: 1

4. Which of the following is not a responsibility of the media?

(1) Commenting on the personal lives of politicians

(2) Disseminating of news and views

(3) Commenting on the current economic crisis

(4) Suggesting methods of the Government for better fiscal control

Answer: 1

5. Which of the following statements is true?

(1) Television is a visual media

(2) Radio is an audio media

(3) A lecture in a school classroom is called dyadic communication

(4) A hoarding is an audio - visual media

Answer: 2

6. The term ‘press’ normally does not include

(1) journals

(2) magazines

(3) newspapers

(4) websites

Answer: 4

7. Which one of the following messages can be communicated to a mass audience at the least cost?

(1) News about a national calamity

(2) An advertisement for a Cricket tournament

(3) A schedule of mass vaccination

(4) Information about the screening of a play in a local theatre

Answer: 1

8. Which of these is not a mass communication?

(1) The CBSE tenth class results are put on their website for information of subjects and their families

(2) A landlord asks his tenant over phone for paying the monthly rent

(3) A police car moves around the locality with a loudspeaker over which they warn about evacuating the area because of an impending flood

(4) A TV newsreader reads out the news

Answer: 2

9. What do we mean by the term ‘media brief’ ?

(1) Orders given by a client to the advertising agency

(2) Expenses on a media campaign

(3) A special kind of very limited media

(4) Activities which a media planner will want to carry out as part of a media plan for their client

Answer: 4

10. What is the main purpose of a journal?

(1) Giving the latest news and views of the world

(2) Highlighting achievements of their owners

(3) Brining out articles and information on industry or trade related issues

(4) None of the above

Answer: 3

11. Which of the following is not a mass media?

(1) Landline Telephone

(2) Radio

(3) Film

(4) Video Cassette

Answer: 1

12. Which of the following will not be considered as a digital media?

(1) Internet

(2) Mobile Phone

(3) DVD

(4) Radio

Answer: 4

13. What is the purpose of using a ‘set top box’ in a consumer՚s home?

(1) For watching Door darshan programs

(2) For decoding broadcast programs so that they can be viewed by the consumer

(3) For watching only ‘adult’ content movies

(4) For watching the censored parts of programs having objectionable content

Answer: 2

14. Films can be created by which of the following methods?

(1) Using special effects software

(2) By animation techniques

(3) Recording people and objects with cameras

(4) By a combination of all three methods listed above

Answer: 4

15. Which of the following audio recording methods was invented the earliest?

(1) Compact Disc (CD)

(2) Cassette tape

(3) The vinyl LP record

(4) Memory stick

Answer: 3

16. What is the difference between ′ Internet ′ and ′ e-Mail ″ ?

(1) E-mail use requires connecting to the internet, whereas internet can be used for getting information without the need for e-mail

(2) Using internet requires an e-mail address, whereas the reverse is not true

(3) The latest version of ‘internet’ is called ‘e-mail’

(4) They both are same

Answer: 1

17. What method of data transmission is used on the internet?

(1) Downloading

(2) Packet switching

(3) Hub switching

(4) Router switching

Answer: 2

18. What advantage does the medium of mobile phone have over the medium of Television?

(1) It is always ‘on’

(2) It is always with the person who owns it

(3) It is the only mass media with a built-in payment system

(4) All of the above

Answer: 4

19. What is the basic difference between a magazine and a periodical?

(1) Periodicals are a small sub-group of magazines

(2) There are many more advertisements in a periodical, compared to a magazine

(3) Magazines are usually of general interest whereas periodicals are of specific interest to a section of the populace

(4) Magazines are not published at a regular frequency, whereas periodicals are

Answer: 3

20. Social advertising targets which kind of audience?

(1) All persons

(2) Criminals only

(3) Politicians only

(4) Children only

Answer: 1

21. Which of the following gives the correct meaning of ‘brand’ ?

(1) Any product in a packet on which the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) is mentioned

(2) A cow with the mark of its owner on it

(3) A type of product manufactured by a company under a particular name

(4) Any item with its expiry date stamped on it

Answer: 3

22. What is a weaver՚s co-operative?

(1) Seven weavers who weave the same kind of cloth

(2) Many weavers competing for work from a single customer

(3) Weavers who work in co-operation with the government

(4) A group of weavers who come together and work for their mutual benefit

Answer: 4

23. By which method do garment exporters meet the tough conditions set by foreign buyers?

(1) They reduce the amount of cloth supplied

(2) They get maximum work out of the workers at the lowest possible wages

(3) They increase the number of workers

(4) They delay the shipments

Answer: 2

24. An interview of a film star by a Radio Jockey (RJ) which is being recorded in a studio is a form of

(1) public speaking

(2) mass communication

(3) dyadic communication

(4) multiadic communication

Answer: 3

25. Arrange the statements given below in correct order regarding processing of cotton from the tree to the manufactured cloth and accordingly select the correct alternative (Note: some steps are not mentioned)

A. Trader sells cotton to the Ginning Mill.

B. Weavers weave the cloth and return it to the merchants.

C. The farmer sells cotton bolls to the traders.

D. Spinning Mill buys the cotton and sells yarn to the yarn dealer.

Choose the Correct Option:

(1) C ⇾ A ⇾ D ⇾ B

(2) A ⇾ C ⇾ D ⇾ B

(3) D ⇾ C ⇾ A ⇾ B

(4) C ⇾ A ⇾ B ⇾ D

Answer: 1

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