CTET Paper 2 Social Science Important Practice Questions Part 45

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1. Choose the most inappropriate statement regarding teaching of Social Science in middle school.

(1) Social Science should be taught as it helps to acquire an understanding of human relationships

(2) Social Science should be taught as it helps sensitize children regarding social reality

(3) Social Science should be taught because it helps students debate and reflect on social issues

(4) Social Science should be a part of the curriculum so that the learners ‘know about the lives of kings and the battles they fought’

Answer: 4

2. The National Curriculum Framework 2005, suggests that instead of ‘Civics’ the term ‘Political Science’ be used because

(1) ‘Political Science’ will provide political training

(2) the term ‘Civics’ was coined in the Raj era and is associated with obedience and loyalty

(3) ‘Political Science’ is taught at a higher level of education, therefore schools should prepare grounds for it

(4) ‘Political Science’ is a globally recognized field of study

Answer: 2

3. ‘Social Studies’ is different from other fields of learning because its contents and meaning lay stress on

(1) persons and their vulnerable relationships

(2) persons and they relationship with nature

(3) persons and their relationships

(4) persons and their individual relationships

Answer: 3

4. Which one of the following is not part of the all-round development of children which ‘Social Studies’ contributes to?

(1) Evaluate structure

(2) Desirable attitudes

(3) Essential skills

(4) Relevant understandings

Answer: 1

5. What is the nature of the Social Studies teaching process?

(1) Scientific

(2) Social

(3) Geographical

(4) Historical

Answer: 2

6. Social Studies does not include which one of the following?

(1) Anthropology

(2) History

(3) Physics

(4) Political Science

Answer: 3

7. Which of the following are within the scope of Social Studies?

(1) Studying man in his surroundings

(2) Studying human relationships

(3) Studying cause and effect relationships

(4) All of the above

Answer: 4

8. The difference between Social Studies and Social Science is not based on

(1) approach

(2) content

(3) treatment

(4) none of these

Answer: 2

9. Curriculum of Social Studies under NCF 2005 is centered on

(1) the child

(2) the school

(3) the Principal

(4) the teacher

Answer: 1

10. The current Social Studies curriculum does not focus on

(1) learning through activities

(2) learning beyond the textbooks

(3) learning by rote

(4) learning by discussion

Answer: 3

11. At the Elementary level, emphasis is laid on which approach for teaching Social Studies?

(1) Inter disciplinary approach

(2) Unit approach

(3) Correlation approach

(4) Integration approach

Answer: 4

12. As per NCF 2005, selection and organization of material into a meaningful Social Science curriculum enables students to develop what?

(1) A better understanding of the subject matter to enable them to pass their exams

(2) A critical understanding of society

(3) An understanding of the problems India faces today

(4) A better knowledge of the world՚s trouble spots

Answer: 2

13. As per NCF 2005, which of the following will make the teaching – learning process more interesting and enjoyable?

(1) If the process is participatory but not coercive

(2) If it is embellished with many stories

(3) If it has many long breaks to enable the children to meditate on what they have learnt

(4) If seating of the students in the classroom is changed every day

Answer: 1

14. Which of the following best describes ‘Political Science’ ?

(1) It is a social science discipline concerning politicians

(2) It is a social science discipline concerned with the problems of marginalized groups

(3) It is a social science discipline concerned with the study of the state, government, and politics

(4) It is a discipline concerned with indiscipline politicians

Answer: 3

15. According to NCF 2005, which two subjects will help to develop a child՚s perspective concerning environment, resources, and development?

(1) Political Science and Economics

(2) Environment Science and Physics

(3) History and Political Science

(4) Geography and Economics

Answer: 4

16. According to NCF 2005, Social Science teaching must adopt methods which promote.

(1) audio-visual materials, photographs, and maps

(2) problem solving, dramatization and role play

(3) creativity, aesthetics, and critical perspective

(4) none of the above

Answer: 3

17. In the text book “Social and Political Life - I (for class VI) ” the authors have added some features in each chapter which improve the child՚s comprehension of the material. The names of the features and their utility are given in the two columns below in jumbled form. Match the two columns and select the correct alternative accordingly.

Match the Two Columns and Select the Correct Alternative Accordingly
A.In text questions and exercises1Help the child visualize a situation even if it is not familiar.
B.End text questions2Expand the child՚s understanding by adding the child՚s own experience
C.Use of narratives3Enable the child to understand ideas and institutions
D.Use of Images4Recall the main ideas

(1) 3 4 1 2

(2) 2 4 3 1

(3) 3 1 4 2

(4) 1 2 3 4

Answer: 2

18. What advantage is there is studying ‘Social Studies’ compared to just ‘Social Science’ ?

(1) We can be more effective citizens

(2) We can be better scientists

(3) We will have better General Knowledge

(4) It is easier to understand

Answer: 1

19. The NCF 2005 has been recommended for which type of schools?

(1) CBSE schools only

(2) CBSE and ICSE schools

(3) All schools including village and state schools

(4) None of these

Answer: 3

20. Learner Centered Social Studies teaching does not focus on

(1) memorizing

(2) questioning

(3) discussion

(4) enquiry

Answer: 1