CTET Paper 2 Social Science Important Practice Questions Part 49

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Direction: Based on your reading of the passage given below, selecting the most appropriate option.

‘Civics are boring.’ You may have heard this from your students. You may have felt that they had a point. Syllabi of Civics in our country tends to focus on formal political institutions of government. The textbooks are full of constitutional, legal, and procedural details presented in a dry and abstract manner. No wonder children experience a disconnect between the theory they read in the textbook and what they see in real life around them. This is perhaps what makes Civics ‘boring’ for your adults in a country otherwise full of passion for politics ″ .

1. What is the context in which the word ‘disconnect’ is used in the passage?

(1) Civics teaching is dull in schools

(2) Children find themselves unable to relate what happens in the real world with what they read in the textbooks

(3) It is related to how Civics textbooks are written and transacted

(4) It is related to the attitude of students towards schooling in general and Civics in particular

Answer: 2

2. Which one of the following exemplifies the best pedagogical practice for the classroom in transacting the Civics syllabi?

(1) The teacher teaches the Civics textbooks cover to cover explaining everything in detail and prepares students well

(2) The teacher makes the subject interesting by relating anecdotes and short stories but believes firmly in the textbooks and lecture method

(3) The teacher follows her lesson plan meticulously and uses many reference books for making notes

(4) The teacher involves her students in youth parliament and encourages them to critically analyse the content in the textbooks by comparing it with what they see in reality

Answer: 4

3. The ‘dry and abstract’ presentation of content in Civics textbooks can be brought alive by a teacher

(1) through real life examples and episodes followed by debates and, discussions

(2) if the abstract aspects are quickly glossed over

(3) through very clear and through explanation of the dry concepts

(4) with the help of short tests to reinforce the difficult concepts.

Answer: 1

Direction: Based on your reading of the passage given below, selecting the most appropriate option.

The popular perception of Social Science is that it is a non-utility subject. As a result, low self-esteem governs the classroom transactions, with both teachers and students feeling uninterested in comprehending its contents. From the initial stages of schooling, it is often suggested to students that the Natural Sciences are superior to the Social Sciences.

4. What is the context in which the term ‘non-utility subject’ is used in the above extract?

(1) Social Science has nothing to offer to improve human civilization

(2) Studying Social Science does not lead to well paid jobs and material wealth

(3) Social Science is a subject that cannot be learnt for its utility

(4) Social Science is a dry and difficult subject having no use for educators or learners

Answer: 2

5. Which of the following best conveys the essence of the above passage?

(1) The way Social Science is taught to students does not enthuse them to take Social Science seriously

(2) Natural Science need to be given importance in school curriculum

(3) Students considered good in Natural Sciences are considered bright

(4) Social Science are inferior to Natural Science since they are non-utilitarian subjects

Answer: 1

6. The significance of language in teaching learning of Social Science cannot be over-emphasized. Which of the following statements does not convey the above idea?

(1) Effective understanding of the meaning and use of language enhances learning in Social Science

(2) Language is of least significance in a fact-oriented subject like Social Science

(3) Only a language teacher can do justice to the teaching learning process of Social Science

(4) Since language is important, a Social Science teacher should include comprehension and grammar questions in Social Science tests

Answer: 4

7. Diagnostic testing in Social Science will help a teacher understand

(1) the part of the topic the student has not memorized

(2) learning difficulties, a student is facing in Social Science

(3) how revision work has helped her students

(4) how intelligent her students are

Answer: 2

8. One of the most important and effective methods of teaching History at elementary level is

(1) Story telling method

(2) Lecture method

(3) Discussion method

(4) Question-answer method

Answer: 1

9. “Team Teaching”

(1) is a way to manage with the shortage of teachers

(2) encourages healthy competition among teams of teachers in a school

(3) involves small teams of students as per their ability

(4) involves teams of teachers to optimize resources, interest, and expertise

Answer: 4

10. Cultural, social and class differences generate their own biases and prejudices in the contexts of classrooms. The approach to teaching therefore needs to be

(1) Project oriented

(2) Discussion oriented

(3) Open ended

(4) Lecture method

Answer: 2

11. While teaching an issue sensitive to a particular community, but described in the textbook,

(1) the teacher should ask students to make notes on these in the library or at home

(2) the teacher should respect the textbook and explain the facts as given

(3) the teacher should write to the authorities to omit the contentious topic from the curriculum

(4) the teacher should explain the concept with sensitivity and firm commitment while respecting the dignity of all students

Answer: 4

12. ‘Learning Without Burden (1993) ’ recommended that learning in Social Sciences should

(1) continue to follow the epistemological framework of highlighting developmental issues.

(2) help in the retention of important information.

(3) promote developing concepts and abilities to analyse socio-political realities.

(4) develop skills relevant to jobs.

Answer: 3

13. A problem related to teaching Social Studies is regarding the availability of teachers. Which of the following statements best describes the problem?

(1) Quality teachers are in short supply

(2) Good quality teachers are readily available

(3) Before hiring a teacher, we are not able to find out if she/he is a good teacher

(4) Teachers do not understand the subject matter

Answer: 1

14. Students learning Social Science should have a positive attitude because

(1) a positive attitude is the elixir of life

(2) they will learn better if they are favourably disposed towards learning

(3) learning social sciences is a tough job

(4) none of the above

Answer: 2

15. Problems related with the instructional material can be resolved by the teacher if

(1) the school provides the required resources

(2) the teacher takes sufficient initiative

(3) she/he prepares teaching aids involving time and expertise

(4) all of the above

Answer: 4

16. Match the branch of Social Studies (in column 1) with its description (in column 2) and select the correct alternative accordingly.

Match the Branch of Social Studies (In Column 1) with Its Description (In Column 2)
A.Economics1Study of the human mind
B.Anthropology2Study of past events and lives
C.Psychology3Study of distribution and consumption of wealth
D.History4Study of evolution of human life

(1) 1 2 3 4

(2) 4 1 2 3

(3) 3 4 1 2

(4) 3 4 2 1

Answer: 3

17. Which of the following is a problem related with library?

(1) Teachers are not adequately competent to guide the students

(2) This part is not included in the student՚s evaluation

(3) Standard tools for evaluating learning are not available

(4) Reading facilities for teachers are inadequate

Answer: 1

18. Which of the following best describes the concept of ‘Team Teaching’ ?

(1) A team of students helping the teacher to teach

(2) Two teams of teachers competing for a trophy

(3) One teacher asking a team of teachers to help her/him manage the class

(4) A co-ordinated teaching by a team of teachers working together

Answer: 4

19. ‘Team Teaching’ is particularly useful for which kind of situation that the teacher may face?

(1) When the students are highly indiscipline՚s

(2) When students with special needs are being educated along with regular students

(3) When the teacher is severely ill and not able to go to school

(4) All of the above situations

Answer: 2

20. Which of the following is the advantage of employing “Team Teaching” in the classroom?

(1) It spreads the responsibility of the teachers

(2) It encourages creativity in the teachers

(3) Teachers learn new insights and techniques from observing one another

(4) All of the above

Answer: 4

21. What was the recommendation of the report titled “Learning without burden” (1993) by the Yashpal committee regarding the focus of History teaching for classes VI-VIII?

(1) It should cover European history of the Medieval times

(2) The history of ancient times should be introduced

(3) It should cover the freedom struggle and post-independence developments

(4) It should cover pre-historic times

Answer: 3

22. Why did the Yashpal Committee ask for the Civics subject to be replaced by ‘Contemporary Studies’ ?

(1) It forces the children to memorize most of the material

(2) It is not relevant

(3) The information is already known to the students

(4) Civics is not required to be learnt in today՚s world

Answer: 1

23. Match the class of problem faced in teaching Social Studies (in column 1) with its description/status (in column 2) and select the correct alternative accordingly.

Match the Class of Problem Faced in Teaching Social Studies (In Column 1) with Its Description/Status (In Column 2)
A.In service teachers training1Learning experiences must be based on behavioural objectives
B.Suitability of learning experience2Teachers are not attending such programmes in sufficient numbers
C.Definiteness of the objective3Standard tools are not available
D.Evaluation4Alternative methods of imparting instruction should be employed

(1) 1 2 3 4

(2) 2 4 1 3

(3) 4 1 2 3

(4) 3 4 2 1

Answer: 2

24. What is one of the reasons laboratory work is not given adequate importance by the teacher in many of the subjects?

(1) It is not required in the subjects in which it has been prescribed

(2) Laboratory facilities are not available in the schools

(3) It is not evaluated

(4) The teachers have no practical experience

Answer: 3

25. Which of the following is a good teaching strategy for making the students understand how a law court functions?

(1) Dictating from the text book

(2) Writing on the blackboard about the functioning

(3) Arranging a group discussion on the topic

(4) Taking the students to attend a case being tried in the local court

Answer: 4