CTET Dec 2018 Paper 1 Environmental Studies Questions Paper Part 2

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75. The EVS textbook has a chapter on snake charmer. It is intended to make children aware and be sensitized-

A. for snake charmers as children do not see them often these days

B. that snake charmers may not harm snake and they need to be provided with alternatives before depriving them of their livelihoods

C. that animal keeping is good source of livelihood

D. that it is an illegal act

76. Which is most relevant to the mid-day meal time in school?

A. It is a good teaching-learning opportunity for EVS teaching-learning.

B. It is for children who come empty stomach to school.

C. It wastes a lot of precious time of teaching-learning.

D. It has nothing to do with teaching-learning.

78. What purpose does group learning serve in an EVS classroom?

A. To segregate high performers and low achieving students and to do remedial teaching

B. To inculcate values of cooperation and working together to enable each child participate actively and learn

C. To manage students easily and reduce workload

D. Boys and girls can learn separately

79. What is the full form of ‘BALA’ ?

A. Braille as Learning Aid

B. Building as Learning Aid

C. Braille Aided Learning Assessment

D. Brain Aided Learning Assignment

80. What do alternative frameworks mean?

A. Ideas that differ from the formally accepted explanations of the concepts

B. Ideas presently held by scientists and social scientists

C. All ideas that are firmly held by children

D. Textbook explanations of various physical phenomena

81. Women are weaker than men. It is a-

A. scientific fact

B. stereotype

C. superstition

D. myth

83. Under which of the following conditions will the process of evaporation be slowest?

A. Surface area increases but temperature decreases

B. Surface area decreases but temperature increases

C. Both surface area and temperature decrease

D. Both surface area and temperature increase

84. The ability to understand relative position of places, distances and directions is-

A. mapping skill

B. positional skill

C. graphic skill

D. directional skill

85. Which National Curriculum Framework (NCF) recommended Environmental Studies to be taught as an integrated curricular area at the primary level?

A. NCF- 1988

B. NCF- 2000

C. NCF- 1975

D. NCF- 2005

86. Which region has the practice of shifting cultivation in India?

A. Southern region

B. North-western region

C. South-eastern region

D. North-eastern region

87. Which one of the following statements is not true for hydropower generated from river dams?

A. It does not pollute water or air.

B. Hydropower facilities can have large environmental impacts.

C. Dams displace indigenous people from their river lifelines.

D. Dams encourage sustainable growth.

89. Why are cold deserts in India not affected by the monsoon?

A. Cold deserts lie in the rain shadow of the Himalayas.

B. Air is very thin in cold deserts.

C. Cold deserts are at a very high altitude.

D. Cold deserts have hot summers and extremely cold winters.

90. Which one of the following is responsible for turning Taj Mahal yellow?

A. Sulphur dioxide

B. Sulphur

C. Chlorine

D. Nitrogen dioxide