CTET Dec 2018 Paper 1 Mathematics Questions Previous Paper Part 1

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31. The mathematics used by illiterate shopkeeper-

A. is very useful in solving all mathematical problems

B. has ambiguity and very low level of correctness in it

C. should be discussed by the teachers in classrooms as an alternate strategy in solving related problems

D. is not useful in the mathematics classroom

32. How should a teacher handle a heterogeneous group of children in a mathematics classroom?

A. By grouping all children together in the same classroom

B. By grouping the children of different abilities together so that they can learn from each other

C. By doing questions according to low ability children in the class and giving the complex questions as home assignments to higher ability children

D. By grouping the children of same ability together and giving them questions according to their ability

33. The learning outcomes in mathematics are developed-

A. to increase the achievement of children in various educational surveys

B. to define class wise competencies and skills to be achieved by children

C. to prepare children for year-end examinations

D. such that children may be told small steps for calculations

39. Which one of the following statements is not true about concept maps?

A. Concept maps should be constructed by teachers only.

B. Concept maps are hierarchical in nature.

C. Concept maps help in linking prior knowledge to new instruction.

D. Concept maps represent a collection of interconnected concepts and links connecting them.

40. is –





41. For the given shapes, which one of the following statements is not correct?

Which One of the Following Statements is Not Correct

A. One of them is not a parallelogram.

B. Two of them are rhombuses.

C. Two of them are rectangles.

D. All are parallelograms

43. The point A and B represent numbers on a number line as shown below:

The Distance between the Points a and B

The distance between the points A and B is-

A. 84000 units

B. 22 units

C. 22000 units

D. 29000 units

44. How many packets of sugar can be made from kg of sugar?

A. 48

B. 12

C. 64

D. 52

45. Harish started his journey at 18: 40 and finished at 22: 20. The time taken in completing the journey is –

A. 3 hours 80 minutes

B. 4 hours 40 minutes

C. 3 hours 20 minutes

D. 3 hours 40 minutes

46. A bucket of capacity 2000 mL is to be filled by using containers measuring 200 mL and 300 mL. Which one of the following combinations of containers is not correct for filling the bucket completely by the containers of 200 mL and 300 mL respectively?

A. 4,4

B. 7,2

C. 6,3

D. 1,6