CTET Dec 2018 Paper 2 Mathematics and Science Questions Paper Part 1

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32. Given

Then the value of y is-

A. 6

B. 4

C. 2

D. 8

33. To fill a rectangular tank of area , of water is required. What will be the height of the water level in the tank?

A. 20 cm

B. 30 cm

C. 40 cm

D. 10 cm

35. After teaching the concept of multiplication to her class, a teacher asked her children to multiply 48 by 4.

One of her students solved it orally as “To multiply 48 by 4, we first add 48 to 48, which makes 96 and then add another 96 to reach 192. So, the answer is 192” .

What can you say about his/her strategy of multiplications?

A. He/She has not understood the concept of multiplication.

B. The given problem is a multiplication problem and not addition problem.

C. He/She understood multiplication as repeated addition.

D. The child used a wrong method to multiply. He/She has to use the place value algorithm to multiply the numbers.

39. Which one of the following is most essential in learning mathematics at upper primary level?

A. Exploring different ways of solving a problem

B. Memorizing all formulas

C. Copying correctly what teacher writes on the board

D. Solving a problem many times

41. A teacher has taught measurement of area to class VIII children, but many of her students are confused between the usage of different units of area and volume. What could be the reason for such a confusion in children?

A. The children have not memorized different units.

B. Different units have been introduced all together without relating them with their daily life.

C. The concept of measurement of area is a difficult topic for a class VIII learner.

D. The children did not know the use of units for area.

42. Which one of the following can be the most appropriate aim of encouraging mathematical communication in classroom?

A. Children who have fear about mathematics should be able to interact in the class

B. To organize debates in the class regarding topics of mathematics

C. Children should be able to recite theorems and formulas in mathematics class

D. Children should be able to use a precise language while talking about mathematical statements and using them.

46. Errors play a crucial role in learning of mathematics. This statement is-

A. true, because errors reflect the thinking of child

B. false, because mathematics is exact

C. true, because errors provide feedback about the marks they obtained

D. false, because errors occur due to carelessness

47. While teaching shapes, a teacher can plan a trip to historical places, as-

I. it needs to provide leisure time as most of the syllabus has been completed in time

II. it would be an opportunity to improve communication skill

III. shapes are an integral part of every architecture and such trips encourage connections across disciplines

IV. field trips are recommended by Education Board, so much be organized

Select the correct answer using the code given below.


B. II and III

C. I, III and IV

D. I and II

50. A shop reduced its prices by 10 % . What is the new price of an item which was previously sold for 500?

A. 550

B. 450

C. 400

D. 510