CTET Dec 2018 Paper 2 Mathematics and Science Questions Paper Part 3

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68. There are two columns, Column-A and Column-B:

Column – A

(a) Canopy

(b) Decomposers

(c) Humus

(d) Porcupine

Column – B

(i) Dead plant and Animal tissues

(ii) A wild animal

(iii) Microorganism

(iv) Branches of tall tree

Which one of the following is the correct sequence of Column-B for the given sequence of Column-A?

A. (i) , (iii) , (ii) , (iv)

B. (iii) , (iv) , (ii) , (i)

C. (iv) , (iii) , (i) , (ii)

D. (i) , (ii) , (iii) , (iv)

69. Why is formative assessment important in science?

A. It helps in developing scientific temper in students.

B. It is diagnostic.

C. It helps in better understanding of science.

D. It is easy to conduct.

70. Why are science fairs organized in schools?

A. To help the students to score higher in their examination

B. To nurture creativity and experimentation in science among students

C. To evaluate students on the basis of their performance

D. To prepare students for higher education in science

76. The continuous and comprehensive evaluation in science means-

A. more frequent test and examination

B. routine activities and exercises to assess learning

C. evaluation of all aspects of science

D. summative and formative assessment

78. Which one of the following is a step of analogy strategy in science?

A. Presentation of obstruction

B. Interlinking concepts

C. Application

D. Map similarities

88. Which one of the following gases burns with pop sound?

A. Hydrogen

B. Nitrogen dioxide

C. Sulphur dioxide

D. Oxygen

90. Diabetes is controlled by ________ hormone.

A. adrenaline

B. insulin

C. thymosin

D. thyroxine

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