CTET Dec 2018 Paper 2 SST Child Development and Pedagogy Questions Paper Part 1

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1. Direction: Choose the right/most appropriate option to answer the following questions.

Creativity is thought to be related to the concept of-

A. crystallized intelligence

B. convergent thinking

C. divergent thinking

D. fluid intelligence

3. The position where thought patterns are influenced by language is called-

A. linguistic determination

B. cognitive bias

C. sociolinguistic genesis

D. cultural tendency

4. Ravi repairs appliances by testing hypothesis about the cause of the malfunction based on his experiences with the symptoms. He uses -

A. algorithms

B. mental set

C. heuristics

D. insight

5. Divya often divides the assigned job into small tasks which she can handle easily. She is using -

A. secondary elaboration

B. subgoal analysis

C. functional fixedness

D. reductionism

6. “Society determines the roles of male and female.” This statement articulates-

A. gender as a hereditary endowment

B. gender as an intuitive construct

C. gender as a social construct

D. gender as an inherent construct

7. Grading, coding marking and credit accumulation systems are some of the examples of -

A. symbolizing position of children in the class

B. depicting the academic progress in card

C. scoring procedure of assessment of learners՚ achievement

D. evaluation procedure of answer sheets of the examination

8. Assessment of learners՚ achievement helps the teachers to-

A. evaluate the effectiveness of pedagogy

B. make ability grouping of learners in the classrooms

C. prepare activity log for teaching

D. maintain the performance record of learners

9. Inclusive Education is based on the principle of -

A. equity and equal opportunities

B. social existence and globalization

C. world brotherhood

D. social equilibrium

11. Children with individual differences should be taught in a school having teachers-

A. trained to use different pedagogy to meet their diverse learning needs

B. trained to teach children with specific individual differences

C. trained to make them homogeneous learners

D. to teach in different sections of classrooms based on their individual differences

12. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 ensures the rights of children with disabilities to free education from-

A. 3 years to 18 years

B. 6 years to 14 years

C. 6 years to 22 years

D. 6 years to 18 years

13. Providing teaching-learning materials in accessible formats to the diverse learners implies-

A. Universal Code of Teaching practices

B. Universal Humanistic Approach of Teaching

C. Universal Design of Learning

D. Universal Inclusive Education Ethical Considerate

14. ________ involves self-awareness and control of cognitive abilities, e. g. , planning reviewing and revising, etc.

A. Metacognition

B. Cognition

C. Accommodation

D. Centration