CTET Dec 2018 Paper 2 SST Child Development and Pedagogy Questions Paper Part 2

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15. When children think to interpret the received information according to their experiences, it is called -

A. creative thinking

B. abstract thinking

C. concrete thinking

D. reflective thinking

17. Maintenance is the specific stage of learning which is antecedent to ________ stage of learning.

A. motivation

B. independent

C. generalization

D. acquisition

18. Zajonc believes that cognition and emotion are-

A. independent

B. interrelated

C. integrated

D. interdependent

19. A teacher is teaching children by demonstration of a task to correct the performances of an already learned task. He is using ________ method of teaching.

A. observation

B. correction

C. modelling

D. imitation

20. According to Mann and Janis, decision maker children analyze the problem, list the alternatives and weigh each option for its advantages and disadvantages. His behavior reflects -

A. vigilant

B. outgoing

C. autocratic

D. surveillance

21. In ________ thinking, a child as a problem solver evaluates the truth or likelihood of statements.

A. aesthetic

B. abstract

C. logical

D. creative

23. Multisensory approach in teaching-learning is the simultaneous use of visual auditory tactile and ________ senses to enhance learning.

A. vestibular

B. perceptual

C. observational

D. kinesthetic

24. The development from central part of the body towards peripheries or extremities denote the –

A. principles of decentralized development

B. principles of proximodistal development

C. principles of cascade development

D. principles of radiated development

25. School is an institution of socialization of children where-

A. school routines occupy the central position

B. school activities occupy the central position

C. schoolteachers occupy the central position

D. schoolchildren occupy the central position

26. If you join a teacher fraternity and choose to dress like most of the others in your group, you are exhibiting-

A. obedience

B. compliance

C. conformity

D. group identity

27. The concept of object permanence is attained during Piaget՚s ________ stage of development.

A. preoperational

B. concrete operational

C. formal operational

D. sensorimotor

28. Individualized Education Programme is planned from the perspective of -

A. Child-centered Education Programme

B. Open School Education programme

C. e-Learning Education Programme

D. Special Education Programme

30. The concept of Intelligence Quotient or IQ was given by-

A. Binet

B. Stern

C. Terman

D. Galton