CTET Dec 2018 Paper 2 SST Social Studies and Social Science Questions Paper Part 1

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32. Which one of the following continents is smallest in size?

A. South America

B. Africa

C. Europe

D. Australia

33. At the upper primary stage, social science comprises of-

A. History, Geography, Economics, Sociology

B. History, Geography, Political Science, Economics

C. History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology

D. History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology

34. Inductive learning is contradictory to which one of the following approaches?

A. Structure training

B. Simulation

C. Mastery learning

D. Expository teaching

35. Read the given statements I and II and select the correct answer:

I. Critical thinking promotes the building of concepts, application and expansion of ideas.

II. It does not help in understanding and evaluation arguments and beliefs of others.

A. I is false and II is true

B. Both I and II are false

C. Both I and II are true

D. I is true and II is false

36. What is an empirical evidence?

A. A numeric approach for research

B. Data measured in metric units

C. Data gathered using reliable methods of data collection

D. Data gathered in the real world through the senses

37. The models/replicas of physical features are most suitable for teaching-

A. Economics

B. Geography

C. Political Science

D. History

38. The collection of weather information from the local newspaper is an example of which type of source?

A. Primary

B. Secondary

C. Tertiary

D. Both primary and tertiary

39. In which type of classroom, the students with learning disabilities learn alongside other students?

A. Special

B. Inclusive

C. Modern

D. Exclusive

40. Who has given the following theory?

“All children go through the same sequence of development, but at different rates. Therefore, teacher must plan activities for individual children and small groups, not just for the class as a whole,”

A. D Purcell

B. JH Bell

C. J Piaget

D. CL Ogden

41. In order to promote cooperative learning in the classroom, a teacher should-

A. give them individual projects

B. divide the class in small groups for work

C. provide them various sources to do the project

D. engage students in debate and discussions

42. A self-guided, self-disciplined thinking which attempts to reason at the highest level of quality in a fair-minded way is called-

A. complex thinking

B. intelligent thinking

C. abstract thinking

D. critical thinking

43. The colours used in the Ajanta Caves Paintings have been derived from which of the following materials?

A. Graphite

B. Plants and minerals

C. Slate

D. Remains of animal organs