CTET Dec 2018 Paper 2 SST Social Studies and Social Science Questions Paper Part 2

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44. The earliest manuscripts were written on-

A. stones

B. paper

C. wood

D. palm leaves

45. Which one of the following periods is the longest in the human history?

A. Mesolithic

B. Neolithic

C. Megalithic

D. Palaeolithic

46. Read the given statements A and B and select the correct answer:

I. Mehrgarh is located in a fertile plain near Bolan Pass of Pakistan.

II. Evidences of farming and herding are found here.

A. I is false and II is true

B. Both I and II are false

C. Both I and II are true

D. I is true and II is false

47. In which one of the following States of India, the largest number of Harappan sites have been found?

A. Haryana

B. Gujarat

C. Jammu and Kashmir

D. Punjab

48. ‘Rig Veda’ was originally composed in which one of the following languages?

A. Pali

B. Sanskrit

C. Prakrit

D. Brahmi

49. The first ruler of Magadha Mahajanapadas in the sixth century BC was:

A. Prasenjit

B. Bimbi Sara

C. Ajatashatru

D. Ashok

50. Which one of the following is not among the three jewels of Buddhism?

A. Dharma

B. Ahimsa

C. Sangha

D. Buddha

51. Who among the following elects the Rajya Sabha Members?

A. Voters in Parliamentary Constituencies

B. Lok Sabha Members

C. Members of Legislative Assemblies (MLAs)

D. Voters in Assembly Constituencies

52. Which of the following systems of government was adopted by India?

A. Presidential and Federal

B. Presidential and Unitary

C. Parliamentary and Federal

D. Parliamentary and Unitary

53. How many Parliamentary Constituencies are reserved for the Scheduled Castes?

A. 84

B. 47

C. 74

D. 48

54. Which one of the following Fundamental Rights is violated due to practice of untouchability in India?

A. Right to Freedom

B. Right against Exploitation

C. Right to Constitutional Remedies

D. Right to Equality

55. As per the Constitution of India, which one of the following is not a Fundamental Right?

A. Right against Exploitation

B. Right to Freedom of Religion

C. Right to Property

D. Right to Education