CTET Dec 2019 P1 Mathematics Questions Previous Paper Part 3

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52. Identify the type of the following word problem:

“I have 6 pencils. Manish has two more than me. How many pencils does Manish have?”

A. Comparison addition

B. Comparison subtraction

C. Takeaway addition

D. Takeaway subtraction

53. Which of the following is NOT true of the Hindu-Arabic system of numeration?

A. The position of a digit in a number dictates its value.

B. It is additive in nature.

C. It follows the base 2 system.

D. It is multiplicative in nature.

54. Identify a desirable practice for teaching Geometry at primary level?

A. Geometry at primary level should be limited to recognition of simple basic shapes.

B. The teacher should begin by giving clear definitions of simple shapes and showing examples.

C. Children should be given ample opportunities to develop an intuitive understanding of space.

D. Developing extensive geometric vocabulary need not be an objective at primary level.

55. Which of the following is an indicator of mathematical reasoning?

A. Ability to provide definitions of mathematical concepts.

B. Ability to provide a justification for a mathematical procedure.

C. Ability to calculate efficiently.

D. Ability to recall the correct formulae in different situations.

56. The price list of vegetables in a super market is given as follows:

The Price List of Vegetables in a Super Market
ItemQuantityPrice (₹)
Tomato1 kg40
Potato2 kg25
Carrot250 g20
Bottle gourd1 kg10
Chillies100 g10

Sanjay buys kg tomatoes, 1 kg potatoes, kg carrot, 250 g chillies and 6 lemons. He gives a note of ₹ 200 to the bill clerk at the counter. How much money will he get back?

A. ₹ 112.50

B. ₹ 87.50

C. ₹ 86.50

D. ₹ 97.50

57. The number is

A. 57

B. 23

C. 35

D. 13

58. The parking rates of car in a railway station parking are depicted as follows:

(a) Upto 2 hrs. - ₹ 50

(b) More than 2 hrs. and upto 5 hrs. - ₹ 75

(c) After 5 hrs. - ₹ 10 per extra hour upto 8 hrs.

(d) More than 8 hrs. and upto 12 hrs. - ₹ 150

(e) More than 12 hrs. and upto 24 hrs. - ₹ 250

Rajeev parks his car at 7.00 a. m. and comes back to pick it up at 4.30 p. m. on the same day. How much money does he have to pay?

A. ₹ 135

B. ₹ 150

C. ₹ 130

D. ₹ 100

59. Which of the following is at third place when the numbers are arranged in ascending order?

A. 7.70

B. 7.007

C. 7.07

D. 7.707

60. In a five-digit number. the digit at ten՚s place is 8, digit at unit՚s place is one-fourth of the digit at ten՚s place, the digit at thousands place is 0, digit at hundreds place is twice that of unit՚s place and the digit at ten thousand place is thrice the digit at unit՚s place. What is the number?

A. 64082

B. 64028

C. 46028

D. 60482